HiPower ARTISAN Master’s Grips


Designed by Plamena, produced by BHSpringSolutions

for Browning HiPower MK II, III and clones

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All BHSpringSolutions LLC Masters Grips for the Browning Hi Power are designed with our tactical thumb-positioning-contour on each grip panel that Optimizes the Natural Pointing characteristics of the Hi Power design and additional benefits of fast and accurate holster acquisition and maximized handling, comfort, and control. 
Comparatively speaking, the Hi Power’s double stack magazine creates an already wide grip frame – compared to a single stack 1911.  This fact adds importance to the construction and design characteristics of any grips for the Hi Power design – specifically, “thin grip profiles” on a grip frame with a double stack magazine, are typically more desirable than thicker.  Having thickness in the grip where it is beneficial, and thinness where thin is optimal, is the essence of making Hi Power grips that are Functionally Optimal for the shooter.  Put another way – many grips made for the Hi Power design, have uniform thickness across the grip, which means some areas are unnecessarily thick, unnecessarily increasing the circumference created by grip frame + grip panels.  When your hand is wrapped around a pistol’s grip – the critical pressure points of your hand are not uniform around the grip of the gun, so grip panels with uniform thickness fall well short of optimal. 
Here is an explanation of how we did it:  
BHSpringSolutions LLC Hi Power Masters Grips HYBRID: 
This is the Hi Power grips design that we believe Mr. Browning may have appointed to the Hi Power, if Mr. Browning had finished the Hi Power design in his lifetime – because this design fully imitates the center-of-grip “Swell Point” of Mr. Browning’s 1911 grips, with the added BHSS Tactical Thumb-Positioning-Contour.  These grips are thin, with the grip swell happening in the center of the grip, narrowing down to a very thin profile both at the front and rear of the grip frame.  It creates a feeling in the hand that is very “1911-ish”, compared to other grips on the Hi Power.  This design is our most recommended design for shooters with the smallest hands.  Shooters with medium and large hands will find these grips allow a commanding hold around the Hi Power’s grip frame.   Also available for the Hi Power inspired Arcus 98DAC.    
Production time 6-8 weeks.

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