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BHAdvanced Trigger Sub-Assembly for Hi-Power pistols – Available for purchase!!!  

    • Refined geometry repositions the trigger “shoe” in the Hi-Powers’ trigger guard and affords a more straight-back trigger pull 
    • Wider Triggers that engages with more surface area of the trigger finger.
    • Elimination of the Magazine Disconnect
    • Re-design and refinement of the geometry of the Hi-Powers’ Trigger Pawl
    • Eliminates conflict of the Trigger Return Spring with the Trigger Pin (found in all original design Hi-Power triggers)
    • See all advancements HERE

On January 30, 2021, through its’ YouTube Video Series “Hi-Power University”, BHSpringSolutions LLC / BHSpringSolutions.com named Leon Hubert BHSpringSolutions’ Chief Weapons and Modifications Designer.  Leon Hubert was a 35 year designer at Fabrique Nationale Hertal (Belgium) and Founder / Owner of RDIH (Liege Belgium) founded in 1993.  Among the many designs and innovations credited to Leon Hubert: Browning BDA-380 / Beretta 84, FN-BDA9, SFS for 1911 and Hi-Powers, and the World’s Only Drop-In Manual Safety for Glock pistols, to name a small fraction of Leon Hubert’s legacy of design innovation.  In the world of Firearms Design and Modifications, Leon Hubert is considered by many to be the most prolific designer since John Browning. Leon Hubert’s most recent design credit is the completely redesigned BHSS Advanced Trigger Sub-Assembly for existing “Hi-Power” pistols in collaboration with the Co-Founders of BHSpringSolutions LLC / BHSpringSolutions.com, with formal launch of that product by BHSpringSolutions.com now expected within weeks of this announcement. A complete video presentation of this announcement is available HERE

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