Gun Optimization Tools Kit


A carefully selected tools kit for your work on most guns in the market.

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This kit contains the following tools:

  1. 1/8″ Standard Pin Punch (made in USA)
  2. 3/32″ Standard Pin Punch (made in USA)
  3. 5/64″ Standard Pin Punch (made in USA)
  4. 1/16″ Standard Pin Punch (made in USA)
  5. 1/16 Starter Punch (made in Bulgaria)
  6. Step1 Trigger Pin Starter  (3/32″ Nail Punch)(made in USA)
  7. Step2 Trigger Pin Starter (3/32″ Rubber Grommet Punch) (made in Bulgaria)
  8. 5″ Angle-Nose Pliers (made in USA)
  9. 6-in-1 Screwdriver (made in USA)
  10. Vinyl Roll Pouch (made in USA)

Components Mfg in USA by Wilde Tool Co., Inc

Components Mfg in Bulgaria by BHSpringSolutions LLC

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