BHSpringSolutions LLC Advanced Sear Springs for FN/Browning Hi Power and Hi Power Clones


BHSpringSolutions LLC Advanced Sear Springs for FN/Browning Hi Power and Hi Power Clones

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Contains: One “Heavy” (Type II) Advanced Hi-Power Sear Spring

One “Light” (Optimized) Advanced Hi-Power Sear Spring

The resulting trigger pull difference between the Two Advanced Sear Springs is typically approximately 1.5 lbs.

The Hi-Power Sear Spring is responsible for applying resistance to the Sear.  When this spring begins to degrade, the Hi-Power Trigger Pull Break Weight typically becomes lighter and will eventually result in malfunctions.

The Advanced Hi-Power Sear Springs are a re-design of the Hi-Power Sear Spring enabling install and removal of the Sear Spring without disassembly of the Fire Control Group.  With grip panels removed, simply twist the Advanced Sear Spring in the center of the spring to remove.  To install, the Advanced Sear Spring is positioned behind the Sear, pressed to flush with the frame in the center of the Advanced Sear Spring, and bottom of the Advanced Sear Spring positioned in the bottom of the grip frame and the Advanced Sear Spring is moved slightly downward where an audible “click” will indicated that the Advanced Sear Spring is installed and secure.

BHSpringSolutions LLC Advanced Sear Springs for Hi-Powers include “Use Guidelines” for choosing the optimal Advanced Sear Spring for use.  Due to dimensional differences/deviations in Hi-Powers of different generations and manufacturers, the “Optimized” Advanced Sear Spring is not suitable for use in some Hi-Power pistols.  The BHSpringSolutions LLC Advanced Sear Springs should be installed and tested by qualified persons with an accurate Trigger Break Scale and following All Enclosed Use Guidelines.

SPECIAL NOTE to Hi-Power enthusiasts including Gunsmiths and Pistolsmiths:  Your previous experience with firearms and/or Hi-Power pistols does not qualify you to install or test BHSpringSolutions LLC Advanced Hi-Power Sear Springs without reading and following all “Use Guidelines” for this product.

BHServiceAlert #1 for Hi-Power OEM Sear Spring: The Hi-Power Sear Spring is known to be a “long-life” part, it is often over-looked and not replaced when replacing other springs in the Hi-Power.  Because the Hi-Power Sear Spring is applying pressure (exerting energy) to the Sear from the moment of install, it should be understood that the Sear Spring does have limitations on it’s useful life.  The Sear Spring does not degrade as a result of shooting the Hi-Power, rather, it loses strength when installed over time, and not due to use of the firearm.

As a “Best Practices Approach”, BHSpringSolutions LLC recommends Pre-emptive Replacement of the Hi Power Sear Spring in Hi-Powers over 20 years old or where the current Sear Spring has been installed for over 20 years.

In Hi-Power pistols over 30 years old or where the current Sear Spring has been installed more than 30 years, Replacement of the Sear Spring should be considered High Priority.

Owners should monitor Trigger Pull Break Weight with a Trigger Pull Scale and replace the Sear Spring when Trigger Pull Break Weight falls below 4.75 lbs.  Hi-Power Trigger Break Weight below 4.5 lbs. is a significant malfunction risk.

BHServiceAlert #2 for Tisas / Regent BR9 Hi Power Pistols’ OEM Sear Spring: BHSpringSolutions   LLC has received reports of OEM Sear Springs in Tisas / Regent BR9 pistols weakening within 6-9 months

of purchase of new Tisas / Regent BR9 pistols.  Users have noticed the trigger pull becoming noticeably lighter.  When measured with a trigger pull scale, trigger break weights have been measured below 4.5 lbs. and within weeks trigger pull break weight had reduced further to 3.5 lbs.  Malfunctions have occurred, including hammer following the slide which can cause more than one round of ammunition to fire per trigger pull.

BHServiceAlert #3 for Hi-Power pistols’ Sear Spring Replacement Recommendations:  Degraded / weakened Sear Spring in the Hi-Power pistol design that can result in the hammer following the slide when the slide proceeds forward into battery may cause more than one round to fire per trigger pull and can result in damage to the Hi-Power’s Sear / Hammer Tooth(s) engagement surfaces.  In Hi-Power pistols where this “hammer following the slide” malfunction has occurred, the engagement surfaces of the Sear and Hammer should be carefully inspected for any damage and parts replaced if any visual damage to the engagement surfaces is observed.


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