5” Angle Nose Pliers


Handy tool for every gunsmith

Made in USA

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From adjusting the feed lips of Ammunition Magazines to several more dozen functional uses for this tool, this is a difficult and pricey tool to find at the local hardware store because it is a specialized size / version of “channel-lock-style” pliers.  Once upon a time there was a Made in USA Craftsman 5” Angle Nose Plier Tool – BHSpringSolutions is proud to offer it now! 


Remember when Craftsman Tools meant “Made in USA”?  Wilde Tool Co. Inc. was one of the manufacturers behind the Craftsman name, so yes, this is the 5” version of the Angle-Nose-Pliers you used that never failed you!  Remember that Lifetime No Questions Asked Guarantee that once existed for all Craftsman Tools at Sears Department Stores?  These 5” Angle-Nose-Pliers come with the peace of mind that if it ever fails you in any way, you’ll be able to send it back to BHSpringSolutions LLC, no questions asked, and a FREE Replacement will be sent to you in the mail.  Think of it as “BH-Craftsman”……better than Craftsman because BHSpringSolutions is in the Tool Business in 2018 and Sears is not. 


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