BH-Armor-Black Refinish

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BH-Armor-Black is an Ultra-Thin Ceramic-Based Baked-On Finish.    Service includes removal of existing finish prior to application.

Please note:

Slide and Frame need to be shipped stripped from small parts. If the gun is shipped to our service center with small parts not removed, the additional bench time needed for disassembling the gun (minimum $35) will be additionally invoiced.

Characteristics of BHSpringSolutions’ Refinishes

BH Ultra-Thin Refinish Options with “Minimal or NO CONCEALMENT of Metal Defects” 

Best for handguns with excellent METAL Condition with no visible defects and for handguns that will receive additional Metal Prep prior to refinish.  These baked-on refinish options are also excellent for parts and all materials including Steel, Aluminum, AND POLYMER/PLASTIC.  (When used to refinish Polymer frames or plastic parts, we use half the baking temperature for twice the time – good result!)

  • BHPerformance BLACK (High-Gloss)
  • BH Armor-Black (Matte)
  • BH Stainless-Practical (Satin)
  • BH Harmonic-Tan (Matte)


BH Ultra-Thin Refinish with “MAXIMUM CONCEALMENT of Metal Defects”

Excellent for all materials including Steel, Aluminum, AND POLYMER/PLASTIC.  Not recommended for Parts Refinishing.

  • BH TT-Graphite-Practical (Matte Metallic)


BH COLOR-CASE-HARDENED – This Premium Refinish is an Acid-Wash Process that creates the Gloss-color-reaction in the steel, unlike refinish approaches that are a baked-on coating.  Because of the end-color variations in the steel, some “concealment” of defects may be a side-benefit, but is not a reliable or predictable benefit of this refinish approach.  BH Color-Case-Hardened Finish is only possible on Steel Frame and Slides and not recommended as a Parts Refinish.


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