BHAdvanced Trigger Sub-Assembly for Hi-Power pistols – 8.4mm Wide Tactical & Target Version

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Hi-Power Trigger Sub Assembly

Wide Tactical & Target Version


Video Installation Instructions HERE

This product is compatible with:
FN & Browning Hi-Power 9mm & .40S&W (All Generations) (Belgium, Belgium / Portugal)
FM 90 & FM 95 Full-Size & Detective Models (Argentina)
FEG (All Generations Single-Action Hi-Power Clones) (Hungary)
Kareen (All Generations) (Israel, Bulgaria)
Arcus 94 / 94C (All Generations) (Bulgaria)
Tisas BR9 (Turkey)
Inglis HP (All Generations) (Canada)
Mauser 80SA (Germany)
Charles Daly HP (U.S.A.)
Ishapore 1A HP (India)



In 2018, Leon Hubert (35 Year Former Designer at FN) and the Co-Founders of BHSpringSolutions LLC initiated cooperative efforts to re-design the Hi-Powers’ Trigger Sub-Assembly.  21 months of continuous refinement and testing produced the Advanced Trigger Sub-Assembly for Hi-Powers, that produces the following functional benefits:

    • Refined geometry repositions the trigger “shoe” in the Hi-Powers’ trigger guard and affords a more straight-back trigger pull and reset motion more characteristic of John Browning’s trigger designs
    • Wider Triggers that engages with more surface area of the trigger finger.
  • Elimination of the Magazine Disconnect
  • Re-design and refinement of the geometry of the Hi-Powers’ Trigger Pawl (lever) minimizes metal-to-metal resistance of the Trigger Pawl’s relationship with the Hi-Powers’ grip frame and optimizes the engagement point with the Hi-Powers’ Sear Connecting Lever (Sear Lever).
  • Because the parts of the Advanced Trigger Sub-Assembly work together more cooperatively than in the original P35 Trigger Sub-Assembly, the Advanced Trigger Sub-Assembly functions on a broader range of Trigger Return Spring strengths……..benefitting the Hi-Power owner because it makes tuning the Hi-Power Trigger within a range of 1 ½ – 2 lbs + or -, as easy as changing the Trigger Return Spring.
    • Eliminates conflict of the Trigger Return Spring with the Trigger Pin (found in all original design Hi-Power triggers)
  • Minor, and required, fitting of the Advanced Trigger Sub-Assembly makes possible Optimal Trigger Functionality in all Hi-Power models regardless of manufacturer or generation
  • A New Invention of a Magazine-Eject-Assist-Spring can be used with the Advanced Trigger Sub-Assembly for Hi-Powers, that does not degrade the trigger pull. Use of this spring is optional in the design.

In Dieudonne Saive’s re-design of John Browning’s Trigger/Trigger Pawl/Trigger-Return-Spring design, certain design attributes were compromised.  To the extent possible, the BHSpringSolutions Advanced Trigger Sub-Assembly for Hi-Power pistols restores John Brownings’ design fundamentals found in the 1927 Grand Rendement.



In 1922, John M. Browning designed the last firearm for which he would receive a Patent, most commonly referred to as the 1927 Grand Rendement – denoting the year the Patent was issued.  From many of the design elements of the 1927 Grand Rendement, along with many design elements of the 1911, Dieudonne Saive configured the handgun initially known as the “P35”, later most commonly known as the “Hi-Power”.

It was John Browning, in the 1927 Grand Rendement who first designed a handgun Trigger Sub-Assembly that included the Trigger, a Trigger Pawl (later renamed the Trigger Lever), and a Trigger Return Spring, that form a unit.  Today we call it the Hi-Power’s Trigger-Sub-Assembly.


By 1935, Dieudonne Saive had made numerous design changes to John Browning’s original Trigger-Sub-Assembly, some good, some not, and the end result was a P35 (Hi-Powers’) Trigger Sub-Assembly with numerous non-John Browning-like trigger performance characteristics.   John Browning’s original design contained NO Magazine Disconnect, Dieudonne Saive’s end product did.  And as negative as Saive’s Magazine Disconnect was for the integrity of the Hi-Power Triggers’ “Take-Up” and “Break”, the Magazine Disconnect also played a positive role in the P35’s Trigger Reset.  The final Dieudonne Saive version of John Browning’s Trigger/Trigger Pawl/Trigger Return Spring design also was weak because the design creates a “down and back” trigger pull motion, instead of the “straight back” pull characteristic always found in John Browning’s designs.  And, the Dieudonne Saive design produces a conflict between the Trigger Return Spring and the Trigger Pin for which a “groove” in the HP’s Trigger Pin was necessitated to attempt to eliminate the resistance on the trigger that this design inevitably creates.


Over the years, multiple third-party companies have produced alternative triggers for the P35, all of which retain many of the original Dieudonne Saive design weaknesses which cannot be eliminated short of a complete re-design of the entire HP Trigger Sub-Assembly.




The BHSpringSolutions Advanced Trigger Sub-Assembly System contains multiple Trigger Return Springs giving each Hi-Power owner the power to customize the triggers’ performance by simply choosing and installing the best Trigger Return Spring for the application and the shooters’ preference. 

Note: Each of these springs is made from a different diameter of spring wire.  Should your Trigger Return Springs ever get mixed up, measure the diameter of the spring wire with a caliper.  Actual spring diameter may be   + or –   0.01mm.

Trigger Return Spring #1: (0.80mm Spring Wire)

Tactical Trigger Return Spring.  This is the strongest, most rigid, spring option.  Good choice for shooters wanting Maximum Reset Authority in trigger performance.

Trigger Return Spring #2: (0.75mm Spring Wire)

Good General Purpose Trigger Return Spring.  Good Spring to test first, in Hi-Powers with a “Type 1” Sear Lever (non-drop-safety sear lever used on in early FN / Browning Hi-Powers and most Hi-Power Clones).

Trigger Return Spring #3: (0.70mm Spring Wire)

Good General Purpose Trigger Return Spring.  Good Spring to test first, in Hi-Powers with a “Type 2” Sear Lever (Drop-safety sear lever design used in Browning Mark III Hi-Powers and FM95 Series Hi-Powers.)

Trigger Return Spring #4: (0.65mm Spring Wire)

Primarily a “Target Trigger Return Spring”.  Lightest trigger pull and maintains acceptable Reset Performance in most Hi Powers. May be too light for Hi-Powers used in defensive roles.




Many components in the Hi-Power design impact actual trigger pull break weights in the Hi-Power design.  The example below is intended to show the approximate increase or decrease in trigger break weights typically obtained with the different Trigger Return Spring options.

TRIGGER RETURN SPRING                                                                       AVG. TRIGGER BREAK WEIGHT

Trigger Return Spring #1: (0.80mm Spring Wire)                           6.0 – 6.25 lbs.

Trigger Return Spring #2: (0.75mm Spring Wire)                           5.5 – 5.75 lbs.

Trigger Return Spring #3: (0.70mm Spring Wire)                           5.0 – 5.25 lbs.

Trigger Return Spring #4: (0.65mm Spring Wire)                           4.5 – 4.75 lbs.


BHAdvanced Trigger Sub-Assembly

Installing the BHAdvanced Trigger Sub-Assembly into a Hi-Power pistol, currently containing the original HP Trigger-Sub-Assembly in its original configuration, will eliminate the Magazine Disconnect function.
All Hi-Power (HP35) pistols in their original configuration contain a “Magazine Disconnect”. A firearm with a Magazine Disconnect cannot be fired with the magazine removed from the firearm.
A firearm that does not contain a Magazine Disconnect can be fired, if there is a round in the barrel chamber, without a magazine installed in the firearm. Most modern firearms do not contain a Magazine Disconnect and are not considered “unsafe” because they do not, and some modern firearms do contain a Magazine Disconnect.
After installation of the BHAdvanced Trigger Sub-Assembly for Hi-Power pistols, the Hi-Power WILL fire without a magazine inserted in the firearm, if there is a round in the chamber.
Two important safety aspects of handguns that DO NOT contain a Magazine Disconnect:
– A handgun that does not contain a Magazine Disconnect is by far best for training new shooters who are learning for the first time because a round can be chambered, magazine removed, and it is impossible for a new shooter to fire more than one round.
– Because Hi-Powers are used defensively by civilians, as well as by law enforcement, military and other security forces, a Hi-Power not containing a magazine disconnect can be fired during a magazine change if there is a round remaining in the chamber.

Installation Required and Some Minor Fitting is Possible.  Written Instructions Included and Video Tutorial on YouTube. 

Any Hi-Power user who requires a Magazine Disconnect, for any reason, should not install the BHAdvanced Trigger Sub-Assembly.

Additional information

ADD Hi-Power Trigger Pin Removal Solution


ADD “Self-Tightening” Trigger Pin



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3 reviews for BHAdvanced Trigger Sub-Assembly for Hi-Power pistols – 8.4mm Wide Tactical & Target Version

  1. Christopher

    Love it. The newly designed trigger and trigger lever actually do reduce the trigger break weight without sacrificing the strength of the trigger re-set. I finally was able to get the trigger pull of my MKIII down to 5.5lbs while still using the full power main and sear springs. It’s not a gimmick, it works.

  2. Crusader

    I did not know you guys existed till this year……….Let me say this product is great. same results on trigger pull without drilling another hole in the slide . I will now evaluate through usage . You shoot the straight truth about BHP’s the good and the bad . It only took just over 500 +p+ rounds for me to crack a frame but all that ended when I started changing springs annually about 30 yrs ago . I use 18.5 lb for all models the design is solid it just needs springs replaced. Thank you for this wonderful product.

  3. Christopher

    This is a follow up to my previous review after having spending some range time with this trigger. If you didn’t know, FN Browning specified the factory trigger pull weight for the Hi Power Pistol to fall between 7-10 lbs. That range is considered normal. My MK3 Hi Power had a trigger pull of 8.5 lbs, and so began the quest to reduce the trigger pull without drilling new holes in the gun.

    Removing the magazine disconnect safety reduced the trigger pull to about 7 lbs, but left the trigger reset very week. Swapping out the three-coil trigger return spring for the heavy two-coil spring made the reset stronger, but made the trigger pull heavier too. The option to use lighter mainsprings and sear springs exists, but can have a negative effect on the function and longevity of the pistol. I wanted to keep all the other springs in the gun at full strength, so I couldn’t get the trigger pull below 7 lbs.

    So, when I first installed the BH Spring Solutions Advanced Trigger Sub Assembly, I started with the heaviest trigger return spring because I like a strong trigger reset. The rest of the gun was stock original. The trigger pull was reduced to 6.25 lbs, and the reset was way stronger than it needed to be. I switched to the second strongest trigger return spring and found the sweet spot, a trigger reset that was strong enough for hard use, but not overkill. The trigger pull weight, a perfect 5.5 lbs.

    For you target shooters that want even lighter, you can use the lighter trigger return springs and a lighter mainspring to get the trigger pull down to that 4.5 lb minimum that you really shouldn’t go lower than.

    For me, having a 5.5 lb trigger pull without having to make any other modifications to the gun was perfect.

    Everyone who has ever owned a Hi Power knows that it’s greatest shortcoming is the trigger. This Advanced Trigger Sub Assembly solves all the shortcomings of the original trigger:

    It’s smoother because it deletes the magazine disconnect safety.

    It lighter because of improved trigger lever geometry and positioning.

    It’s more comfortable because it has a wider face and a natural strait-back pull instead of a pivoting motion.

    In summary, it is the best improvement that the average Hi Power owner can buy for their Hi Power pistol, and it is completely reversible for the purist’s among us who don’t want to make irreversible changes to their pistols.

    If you are concerned about fitting the trigger lever, don’t be. Just take your time and watch the videos on BH Spring Solution’s YouTube channel first. If you are concerned, buy an extra trigger lever in case you bugger the first one.

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