Walther PPK 7.65 (.32 ACP) Reliability Spring Kit


Walther PPK 7.65 (.32 ACP)  Reliability Spring Kit


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This spring kit includes:

1. Recoil Spring (15lb.)

2. Main Spring

3. Trigger/Trigger Lever Spring

4. Extractor Spring

5. Firing Pin Spring

You can add new Mec-Gar magazines and extended base plates for your PPK for the drop down menu.

Spring kit was developed for .32 ACP Walter PPKs.

       Back in 2018 BHSpringSolutions LLC decided to help preserving one of the iconic weapons in the WWII – the Walther PPK in caliber 7.65×19 (.32ACP). Today this history piece can be found as surplus gun and as such it won’t be surprise is you find springs installed in 1939. Of course these springs need to be preserved as cultural heritage, but if one decides to rely on the PPK as EDC or backup gun, our advice would be to change them out :).
In our spring kit we included the most stressed and critical for the functioning of the gun springs:
  • Recoil Spring – the spring responsible for reliable feeding and taming the recoil impulse. Being a gun with fixed barrel, the PPK needs reliable working recoil spring.
  • Trigger/Trigger lever spring – By looking the shape of the spring, you’ll understand that the German engineers meant business with the PPK. Just like in the Baby Browning, this is a spring doing multiple jobs. When worn-out, this spring will cause trigger reset fails and full-auto functioning of the system.
  • Extractor Spring – Do we need to comment this spring? 🙂 If this spring is not in top shape you’ll have single shot weapon. Not the best option when SHTF.
  • Main (Hammer) Spring – Light primer strikes and fails to ignite the primer at all can ruin everyone’s day. This spring included in our spring kit is tested with wide range of ammo manufactured in different countries and by different manufacturers.
  • Firing Pin Spring – Very important spring – the PPK doesn’t have drop safety and the firing pin spring is the only thing that stays between the firing pin and the cartridge primer when the gun falls barrel down on a hard surface.

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