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Rubberized Pin Starter Punch

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BHSpringSolutions  LLC – Rubberized Non-Slip Hi-Power Trigger Pin Starter Punch

Designed and Individually Produced by BHSpringSolutions LLC in Bulgaria.

Problem: The FN/Browning Hi Power and all Hi Power Clones have a unique, solid Trigger Pin that secures the Trigger Sub-Assembly.  This pin protrudes out the right side of the Hi Power frame, just above the trigger – and the part that protrudes through the frame is slightly tapered.   Countless on-line photos of Hi Powers showing damage to the frame’s area around this pin, are clear evidence of the difficulty typically encountered when removing this pin.  It is an extremely tight fitting pin and usually requires some sincere force to get it started moving out of the frame.  Additionally, this entire pin is conical shaped.  This means the pin becomes tighter in the frame as the pin is installed from left to right side of frame.  Likewise, as this pin is moved from right to left, it progressively requires less force to finish removal.  In other words, just getting this pin “started” or moved just a little, is literally 99% of the battle.

Solution: The BHSpringSolutions Rubberized Non-Slip Hi Power Trigger Pin Starter Punch.  BHSpringSolutions LLC designed and now produces the only Hi Power Trigger Pin Rubberized and Non-Slip Starter Punch Tool.  Designed to begin the removal of the Hi Power’s Trigger Pin.  The goal of this tool is to start the Trigger Pin’s movement until just below the right side of the frame – from this point, the Trigger Pin removal can be easily finished with the standard 3/32 Pin Punch Tool.  First, the head of this Punch Tool is a “Cupped-Out” Profile – designed to help “hold on” to the tapered end of the Trigger Pin.  Second, we’ve added a Rubber “Stop” to this specialty tool, to protect the frame of your Hi Power.

While we cannot guarantee that the BHSpringSolutions Rubberized Non-Slip Hi Power Trigger Pin Starter Punch will eliminate all possibility of damage to a Hi Power when removing this pin – eventually someone will fail to hold this tool perpendicular to their Hi Power frame and a “slip” off the pin will occur when pounding the tool with the force necessary to start this pin.  Something we can virtually guarantee is that damage to this area of a Hi Power’s frame will devalue the average Hi Power by $200 – $300.  Used properly, the BHSpringSolutions Rubberized Non-Slip Hi Power Trigger Pin Starter Punch drastically reduces the risk associated with removing this pin.


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