Main Spring Tool

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Main Spring Tool

For easier and safer removal and installation of the Main (Hammer) Spring in the Hi-Power pistol



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You can view this tool changing a Hi Power’s Main Spring, in under 40 seconds HERE BHSS MAIN SPRING REPLACEMENT TOOL The Main Spring helps to regulate the slide’s rearward velocity during recoil and provides decisive forward motion of the hammer when the trigger is pulled. Hi Powers with a healthy Main Spring are less likely to fail to fire when encountering ammunition with “hard primers”. Problems: The Hi Power’s Main Spring is a brawny spring, and a difficult spring replacement – so much so, that Browning only sells one Hi Power Replacement Main Spring, pre-mounted on a hammer strut. There are several problems with this approach:

1. These pre-mounted Main Springs are already expending energy as they wait to be shipped.

2. Buying a hammer strut + Main Spring, when you don’t need a new hammer strut, is unnecessary expense.

3. And, while many springs in the Hi Power can be replaced easily by the owner, Main Spring replacement remained over the heads of many Hi Power owners….and thumbnail replacement is expensive, difficult, and painful.

Solution: The BHSpringSolutions Main Spring Replacement Tool enables Main Spring Replacment on hammer strut in under 60 seconds. Replacment Main Springs also available from BHSpringSolutions as part of our Complete Hi Power Optimizing Springs Kit – also available on Ebay – see our other items. This Main Spring Tool works on all FN/Browning Hi Powers and Clones that utilize a Hi Power Hammer Strut. BHSpringSolutions developed it’s Main Spring Tools using a British Armorer’s specifications – and made further improvements to the design. This Main Spring Tool is a BHSpringSolutions Exclusive item, manufactured “in-house” and each tool is tested on a Hi Power hammer strut and main spring prior to shipment. Shipped with step-by-step instructions.


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  1. Seth Burgin

    Pulling the pin on a mainspring strut is about half the pain of putting it back in again. This tool makes the task almost painless. Avoid hunting and fishing for lost mainsprings behind tool benches, or worse yet, behind that 3000 pound $98,000 parts bin. You know the one, that will take you 5 days to unload, move and move back again. Woah, I found the spring and those lost Superbowl XIV tickets! I can almost throw away those safety glasses, by using tools like this. ALMOST! Even Mauser lost an eye, so keep those safety glasses, but buy this tool!! Buy two of them, or maybe even 10, or 12 or 100 of them. Okay, maybe not 100, but do buy yourself a spare!

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