Retaining Plate Remove/Install Tool


Retaining Plate Tool

For easier and safer removal and installation of the Firing Pin Spring in the Hi-Power pistol




You can view this tool changing a Hi Power’s Firing Pin Spring, in under 30 seconds HERE. BHSpringSolutions Firing Pin Retaining Plate Removal/Installation Tool. Without this tool, Firing Pin Replacement can be tricky, and a little risky. If the retaining plate slips and “gets away from you”, during removal or installation of the plate which is necessary for accessing the firing pin and firing pin spring, you will “launch” your firing pin because it’s “spring loaded”. So, this tool is intended to help eliminate three primary risks:
1. Avoid the need to replace an eye, or someone else’s eye resulting from an accidental “launch”
2. Avoid the need to patch the hole made in your ceiling drywall by an accidental “launch”
3. Avoid the need to replace a damaged or lost firing pin resulting from accidental “launch”.

Works with all FN/Browning Hi Power pistols, clones, and compacts. Available only from BHSpringSolutions.

Shipped with step-by-step instructions.

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