Range/Target Spring Kit for COMPACT CZ75/B/BD


Carefull selected of  BHSS CZ75 COMPACT platform springs for your gun

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BHSpringSolutions LLC

Meets the needs of serious shooters and firearms utilized in defensive roles. Includes Recoil and Main Spring Options Primarily needed for shooting Standard Pressure and +P Ammunition. This product offers all CZ-75 COMPACT platform owners maximum options for spring set-up to Optimize Reliability, Slide Velocity, Trigger Pull, and all functions. Includes 5 Recoil Springs and 2 Main Springs to fine tune Slide-Cycle-Rate when shooting Standard Pressure and +P Ammunition. Optimizes/replaces all springs in the CZ-75 COMPACT platform pistols.

  • BHSS Recoil Springs: 18lb., 17 lb., 14 lb.
  • BHSS Main Springs: 20 lb. (OEM), 17.5 lb.
  • BHSS Heavy Firing Pin Spring
  • BHSS Light Firing Pin Spring
  • BHSS Standard (Tactical) Trigger Return Spring (w/ LIFETIME GUARANTEE AGAINST BREAKAGE)
  • BHSS Light (Target) Trigger Return Spring (w/ LIFETIME GUARANTEE AGAINST BREAKAGE)
  • BHSS Standard Firing Pin Plunger Spring
  • BHSS Light Firing Pin Plunger Spring
  • BHSS Magazine Release Spring
  • BHSS Trigger Bar Spring
  • BHSS Extractor Spring
  • BHSS Detent Spring
  • BHSS Sear Spring
  • BHSS Firing Pin Lever Spring
  • BHSS Slide Stop Spring (3 Variants Provided)

BHSpringSolutions LLC Optimized Recoil Springs:
BHSpringSolutions tests it’s recoil springs by mechanically cycling, 10,000 times, a representative sample of each production run. Typical result after 10,000 cycles is a loss of only 1mm of relaxed recoil spring length, and only ½ lb of resistance – remaining “fit for service” (within acceptable specs). All BHSpringSolutions Coil Springs are made with BHSS Optimized “Closing Coil” on both ends. When a Spring is expressed as, for example, a “14 lb. Recoil Spring”, this number refers to the amount of weight the spring can push from its most compressed length during the spring’s cycling operation. Another important, and seldom or never discussed important measurement of a spring’s resistance, is that spring’s resistance at it’s “maximum” length during its cycle. In the case of a Recoil Spring, that would be the spring’s resistance when the pistol’s slide is fully forward. BHSpringSolutions LLC maintains the industry’s tightest standards of consistency for Spring Dimensional Length and Resistance – assuring Optimal during the entire working cycle of each spring.

BHSS Optimized Main Springs:
The same advantages realized by BHSpringSolutions LLC Recoil Springs, are realized in the BHSS Optimized Main Springs. In the CZ-75 platform pistols, a lighter Main Spring can dramatically improve the Double Action Trigger Pull, makes the slide easier to rack, and reduces the force necessary to cycle the slide.

BHSS Standard and Light Firing Pin Springs:
The Light Firing Pin Spring is recommended when using lighter than OEM Main Spring and in models that include a Firing Pin Block Safety / Drop Safety.

BHSS Standard (Tactical) Trigger Return Spring
BHSS Light (Target) Trigger Return Spring
The CZ-75 platform Trigger Return Spring is one of the Achilles Heels of the design because it is prone to breakage. The CZ-75’s design’s performance requirements of the Trigger Return Spring approach unreasonable which is the reason for the persistence of the spring breakage problem of this spring. This Optimizing Spring System includes BOTH BHSS Trigger Return Springs, affording the user the opportunity to customize his trigger pull for more or less resistance in the take-up phase of the trigger pull, and more or less authority in the reset phase of the trigger cycle. And BHSpringSolutions LLC CZ-75 Trigger Return Springs are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE AGAINST BREAKAGE. *(See Terms of Lifetime Guarantee)

BHSS Standard Firing Pin Plunger Spring
BHSS Light Firing Pin Plunger Spring
Installing the Light Firing Pin Plunger Spring can improve trigger pull. This option further affords the owner an opportunity to customize this feature.

BHSS Magazine Release Spring
Optimizes Function of the Magazine Catch/Release

BHSS Trigger Bar Spring
Goes in a place and does a job that seems odd for a spring to do. Its most “pressing job” is to maintain outward pressure so as to stay in place. Requires periodic replacement.

BHSS Extractor Spring
Critical for Reliable Function. Requires periodic replacement.

BHSS Detent Spring
Optimizes function of Manual Safety.

BHSS Sear Spring
BHSS Firing Pin Lever Spring
BHSS Slide Stop Spring (3 Variants Provided)

*TERMS OF BHSpringSolutions LLC: CZ-75 Trigger Return Spring LIFETIME GUARANTEE
Should a BHSpringSolutions LLC CZ-75 Trigger Return Spring experience breakage, BHSpringSolutions LLC will provide Free Replacement for the life of the pistol where the BHSS Trigger Return Spring is installed. Note: All springs require periodic replacement where installation requires compression of the spring – BHSpringSolutions LLC does not guarantee any spring against loss of strength or resistance. This is a specific guarantee against failure by breakage, where the BHSpringSolutions LLC Trigger Return Spring is properly installed and where the Main Spring used is not stronger than 20 lb. Customer will pay only the BHSpringSolutions LLC prevailing charge for shipping the replacement spring.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of these springs will fit in some cz-75 clones. This product is specifically designed for COMPACT VERSIONS OF: CZ-75, CZ-75B, CZ-75BD, CZ-75 SP01

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