Hi-Power Extended Slide Stop for guns chambered in .40 S&W


Hi-Power Extended Slide Stop


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RDIH Extended Slide Stop makes the Slide Stop/Release easily accessible to the right hand thumb without changing hand position on the grip (for almost all hand sizes).  Operation of the Extended Slide Stop/Release is faster and more intuitive.

MORE than an Extended Slide Stop, the RDIH Extended Slide Stop makes the Hi-Power Field Strip procedure the fastest/easiest of any handgun – no need any longer to lock back the slide before removing the Extended Slide Stop.  With the slide forward (in battery) simply apply slight upward pressure on the slide stop (at the part where your thumb would normally press down on the slide stop) and press out from right to left.  Installation of the Extended Slide Stop can also be done with the slide in the forward position.  On Hi Powers with the Traditional Operating System (Non-SFS), removal and installation of the Extended Slide Stop can still be done with the slide locked rearward by the manual safety.

The RDIH Extended Slide Stop is an integral component of the Hi-Power “Fast Safety” (SFS) System AND can be used in all Non-SFS Hi-Power Models / Clones utilizing the Traditional Operating System.

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