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The BHPerformance Advanced Match Grade 9mm Hi-Power Barrel.  Another major moment of Advancement for the Hi-Power design from BHSpringSolutions LLC.

The New BHPerformance Advanced Barrel for Hi-Powers is the Smoothest Feeding, Most Accurate, Most Reliable, Most Feature-Packed and Highest Quality Barrel ever made by ANY manufacturer of a Hi-Power Barrel!

–          Lifetime Quality: Made from the highest quality steel ever used to manufacture a Hi-Power Barrel

–          Superior Construction: 1 piece instead of 2-Pieces joined together like FN/Browning produced

–          Superior Accuracy

–          Has an expanded chamber entrance with a precision “radius” into the chamber making the feeding of ammunition buttery smooth (you may wonder if you really chambered a round when you rack the slide)

–          It has a “cut-out” (ejection port) on the right side of the chamber entrance that serves to provide enhanced clearance/margin for ejecting empty shell casings

–          Ejection Port “cut-out” allows visual confirmation that a round is chambered

–          Stronger Barrel Cam Lug Construction


Tested in FN/Browning Hi-Powers as well as the Hi-Power Clones including the New Tisas/Regent BR9.  The BHPerformance Advanced Match Grade 9mm Hi-Power Barrel New Advanced Hi-Power Barrel is not an “Economy Barrel”.  Made for Hi-Power users who desire the Best Possible Function and Performance.

Manufactured to BHSpringSolutions LLC Design Specifications by KKM Precision in U.S.A.

Product Compatibility Notice 1: The BHPerformance Advanced Match Grade 9mm Hi-Power Barrel was specifically designed as a “drop-in” component for all generations of FN / Browning 9mm Hi-Power pistols, and has tested affirmatively as a “drop-in” component in Hi-Power pistols made by various other manufacturers.  However, BHSpringSolutions LLC does not represent that the BHPerformance Advanced Match Grade 9mm Hi-Power Barrel will drop in all Hi-Power pistols ever manufactured without possible gunsmith or pistolsmith fitting being required.  Production MARGINS of each manufacturer varied slightly including the production margins at FN / Browning during their 82 years of Hi-Power production.  It should therefore be considered possible that the BHPerformance Advanced Match Grade 9mm Hi-Power Barrel will require gunsmith fitting when being installed in some Hi-Power pistols.

Product Safety Precautions Notice 2: BHSpringSolutions LLC specifically advises that all new users of the BHPerformance Advanced Match Grade 9mm Hi-Power Barrel should consult with a gunsmith or pistolsmith for confirmation that barrel to slide fit is satisfactory prior to use – including but not limited to: barrels’ ability to “lock-up” into the barrel lugs’ slide recesses and unlock (disengage) from the slide recesses.  Utilization of ANY aftermarket parts or modifications to your firearm without confirmation of compatibility or suitability to a specific application is dangerous and can result in injury or death.  It is the firearm owners’ responsibility to confirm component compatibility, suitability, and follow all safe handling and shooting practices.

The 9mm full-size barrels can be used to convert FN/Browning Hi-Powers chambered in .40S&W and .30Luger, to 9mm Para. More info : HERE and HERE

A .30Luger to 9mm also requires the 17 lb Recoil Spring.


I thought you folks needed a huge pat on the back for a job really, really well done!!!
I went out this morning to test my Tisas BR9 with your new barrel and couldn’t possibly be happier!
As I’ve previously stated, I almost exclusively shoot cast bullets from my HP. Many manufacturers (Tisas included) “hammer forge” their barrels as a cheaper and quicker method of production however, they are almost never compatible with cast, lead or plated bullets. They lead up very quickly and accuracy goes right out the window. Until I installed your new barrel my Tisas was shooting about 6″ high at 25 yards and leading up horribly. It’s dead on at 25 yards now and leading is non-existent! I would think this would be an important point to make when marketing your new barrels so as to bring in all the cast bullet shooters like myself, and I know a great many.
Anyway, super superb barrel! Great service from your company and my high power is once again my favorite go-to 9mm to bring to the range. Thanks guys! Job excellently done!


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