Essential Fast Safety (SFS V2.0) for 1911s Series 70


Fast Safety for 1911s Series 70 

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Essential Fast Safety System:

1. Fast Safety Hammer assembly

2. Fast Safety Ambi Safety assembly

3. Fast Safety Plunger spring

4. Fast Safety Return spring

The 20 Benefits of the FAST SAFETY System for the 1911

  1.        FAST SAFETY allows the 1911 to be carried Condition 1, but in a Hammer Forward state.  When the Manual Safety (termed the “Cocking Lever”) is swiped off, the hammer simultaneously springs to the cocked/ready to fire position by work of a Spring.  To return the 1911 to “Safe Condition”, the hammer is pushed forward manually.  When pushed fully forward the ambidextrous safety “cams up” automatically by work of a spring.  Fast Safety is the 21st Century Operating System for the 1911.
  2.        Because of the forward “carry” position of the no-snag hammer, the 1911 can be carried Condition 1 and eliminate common “snagging” in clothing of a cocked 1911 hammer.
  3.        Most comfortable for Carry with no cocked hammer to dig into your side-fat when carried IWB on the hip.  Full appreciation of the comfort of the 1911’s thin profile.
  4.        Best Solution for More Sure and Fast One Handed Deployment of the 1911.
  5.        Enables “Hammer Forward Carry”, (like a DA/SA handgun), with the superior benefit of every shot being the same Single Action Trigger Pull.
  6.        The 1911 Fast Safety TACTICAL VERSION Adds an Extended Slide Stop/Slide Release…Making all the 1911 Controls easily within reach of the thumb of the shooting hand, without releasing or adjusting grip on the 1911.
  7.         Adds Ambidextrous Safety to 1911s with one-sided safety.
  8.         Adds a “Drop Safety” to the 1911 (that doesn’t degrade trigger pull!)
  9.         Mechanically, the safest Condition 1 Carry Set-Up for the 1911.  In addition to adding a Drop Safety, when hammer is manually moved forward, ambidextrous Safety “cams up” to the “On Safe” position, activating Four safeties:  Trigger is disabled, Slide is locked, Hammer is locked, and Firing Pin is Blocked.
  10.     Persons who miss-out on the benefits of 1911 Carry because they don’t like “Cocked and Locked” Carry, for any reason, can usually embrace Condition 1 FAST SAFETY Hammer Forward Carry.
  11.     The Fast Safety System Replaces Two Springs in a 1911:   Hammer (Main) Spring and Plunger Spring, and adds a new “Return Spring” to the Hammer Assembly that is the cause of the Hammer’s Automatic Cocking Action when the Safety is swiped off.  In the opinion of BHSpringSolutions LLC, the design of Fast Safety springs is appropriate for the jobs these springs perform and none of these springs could be considered “over-worked” because of the job performed.
  12.     Seeing the Hammer Forward provides visual confirmation that the 1911 is “on safe”.  Eliminates all “THAT HAMMER IS COCKED!” concerns.
  13.     Transition to the Fast Safety is seamless for Cocked and Locked carriers of the 1911.
  14.     Safe Condition 1 Carry, easily embraced by 1911 owners currently using a “Condition 2 or Condition 3 Carry.  (Also safer because of the “no-snag” hammer.)
  15.     MAY buy you a few extra seconds to access your Back-Up Weapon if an attempted Gun Grab is successful and your 1911 ends up in a bad-guys hand.  The SFS System is different and may cause momentary confusion for an attacker who gains control or your 1911.  In Fast Safety Condition 1, the Hammer is Locked and cannot be manually cocked.  The Slide is Locked and cannot be racked.  When the Safety is disengaged, it causes the hammer to spring rearward – again, different, and may cause momentary confusion for an attacker in a Gun Grab.  At a minimum, in a “Gun Grab” situation, your 1911 is more difficult for an attacker to deploy than any “non-manual-safety” semi-auto pistol.  Fast Safety for 1911 has Tactical Safety Advantages over ANY other operating system on any handgun.
  16.     If shooter tends to “ride the manual safety” with shooting thumb during shooting, nothing changes.  But, since the Manual Safety cannot be “cammed up” with the thumb (only by manually pushing forward the hammer), Fast Safety eliminates the chance of the thumb riding up under the safety and inadvertently engaging the safety.
  17.     Ambidextrous Magazine Catch adds flexibility for Magazine Changes for all users and is a great addition for left-hand-dominant 1911 users.  (Tactical Version)
  18.     “Drop In” System.  The Fast Safety System is a Kit of parts that replaces parts in both Series 70 and Series 80 1911 pistols.  Conversion is typically an “easy job” for a gunsmith or 1911 owner familiar with the “detail strip” process of the 1911.
  19.     Fast Shooting (weapon carried ready to fire in total Safety).
  20.     Compliments everything that is excellent about the 1911.

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