BHPerformance Ultimate-Defense Hi-Power with Tactical Night Ops


Hi-Power Ultimate Defense Evolution

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This Package includes:

  1. BHServiceSolutions SFS + Springs Optimization                
  2. RDIH Ambi-Mag-Catch                                                              
  3. New: Firing Pin, Firing Pin, Retaining Plate, Extractor, Ejector, Trigger Lever                                                 
  4. Replace All Solid Pins & Roll Pins                                              
  5. Internals Polishing + Trigger Lever Tuning                           
  6. New Parts Fitting                                                                            
  7. Trigger Break Weight Tuning to 5.0 – 5.5 lbs                      
  8. BHSS Advanced HP Barrel Elite                                               
  9. BHSS Buffering Guide Rod                                                          
  10. Meprolight Night Sights                                                               
  11. Night Sight Install                                                                           
  12. 2 Mecgar Magazines                                                                    
  13. RDIH Tactical Shooting Grips                                                     
  14. BHSS Checkered MastersGrips                                                 
  15. Picatinny Rail                                                                                    
  16. Picatinny Rail Install                                                                      
  17. Tactical Torch Light / Picatinny Rail Flashlight Mount /
  18. Picatinny Rail Belt Holster             


From the Drop-Down menu, you can choose the BHPerformance Black Refinish for frame and slide. Please keep in mind the following:
1 Hour of metal prep is recommended for frames / slides with generalized light surface scratches/blemishes.  BHPerformance Ultra-Thin Refinish does not hide metal scratches/machining marks/metal defects.  Except on firearms where metal is in perfect condition, 1 hour of metal prep is money well spent for most firearms refinished in BHPerformance BLACK
2 Hours prep is recommended for frames/slides requiring MAJOR restoration due to significant metal condition degradation.  It may not be possible to completely eliminate deep scratches, serious metal pitting/rust, and deep machining marks without making the metal look “wavy”.


Additional information

Add C&S Wide Trigger


Metal Preparation Prior to Refinish

1 Hour, 2 Hours, NO

ADD BHPerformance Black Refinish


Dovetail Slide Cuts

My Gun is MK3/3s or FM95, My Gun is NOT MK3/3s or FM95


BHSpringSolutions USA

Browning USA


RDIH Belgium


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