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Remember when Craftsman Tools meant “Made in USA”?  This tool might look familiar – it’s the “go-to” screwdriver once found in 99% of all kitchen tool drawers.  This was the screwdriver you reached for when all the other screwdrivers failed on some rusty rounded off screw head.  Probably comes as no surprise that the small straight-slot screwdriver bit of this famous tool is also the perfect blade for many pistol grip screws including HI-Power Grip Screws, 1911 Grip Screws, and the Philips Screwdriver Bits are just as perfect for CZ-75 Grip Screws. 


Wilde Tool Co. Inc. was one of the manufacturers behind the Craftsman name, so yes, this is the same kitchen drawer screwdriver that never failed you, and is an effective tool when working on firearms.  Specifically, this tool is going to pay for itself by preserving your grip screws – not to mention you’re going to use this tool a few thousand times for everything else around the house.   And you should!  Remember that Lifetime No Questions Asked Guarantee that once existed for all Craftsman Tools at Sears Department Stores?  Use this screwdriver with the peace of mind that if it ever fails you in any way, you’ll be able to send it back to BHSpringSolutions LLC, no questions asked, and a FREE Replacement will be sent to you in the mail.  Think of it as “BH-Craftsman”……better than Craftsman because BHSpringSolutions is in the Tool Business in 2018 and Sears is not.    


The 6-in-1 Screwdriver is just an incredibly solid product in U.S. Tool Making History, and we are proud to offer this product at BHSpringSolutions.com.  


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