5/64″ Roll Pin and Solid Pin Punches & 3/32″ Nail Punch Punch Set


5/64” Pin Punch and 5/64″ Roll Pin Punch

3/32″ Nail Punch Tool

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5/64” Pin Punch and 5/64″ Roll Pin Punch

Perfect for most of the smallest pins in all Hi Powers and Hi Power Clones

3/32″ Nail Punch Tool

Perfect for starting the Hi-Power trigger pin!!!

The “Nail Punch” is a robust punch tool that can hold onto the Hi Power’s conical shaped end.  This Nail Punch becomes the first tool used on the Hi Power’s Trigger Pin, just until the pin has moved at all.  Then, the BHSS 3/32” Starter Punch with Rubber Grommet is used to further move the trigger pin to below flush with the frame


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