Tisas BR9 SFS Essential Reliability Optimization


Installation of Ultimate BHSpringSolutions Spring Kit, Essential Reliability Kit, SFS kit and full servicing of the gun according to BHSS approved standards.

Applies for Tisas Regent BR9


Standard Service Turn-Around Guaranteed in Under 30 Days!

Choose Expedited Service Option Guaranteed Turn-Around in Under 15 Days – Only $50 additional

Please download the BH Service Questionnaire HERE and send it to bhspringsolutions@gmail.com after filling it in.


  • Customer completes purchase of desired BHServiceSolutions Optimization Package
  • Customer completes BHServiceSolutions Questionaire & Service Request Forms, returns by email to: BHSpringSolutions@gmail.com
  • BHSpringSolutions Pre-Service Planning & Consultation Session w/customer.  Initial Optimization Plan Completed. 
  • Customer ships firearm to BH-Service Center
  • Pre-disassembly trigger break weight measured.
  • Complete dissassembly of slide and frame and all sub-assemblies.
  • Complete Gunsmith Inspection of firearm and all components and BHSS Condition Analysis Form Completed.
  • BHSpringSolutions Post-Dissassembly Consultation with customer – Condition of Firearm reviewed, Optimization Plan Finalized
  • Complete detailed cleaning of slide, frame, and all parts.
  • Installation of New BHSpringSolutions Optimized Springs and/or parts per Finalized Consultation Plan.
  • Installation of SFS kit
  • Installation of the Essential Reliability Kit
  • Installation of RDIH comfortable grips
  • Trigger weight re-measured.
  • Firearm function-fired / tested with standard pressure ammunition and distance of ejection of empty shell casings noted
  • BHSS Function Analysis Form Completed.
  • Basic re-cleaning of firearm.
  • All work completed to BHSpringSolutions LLC Specifications
  • Return of Firearm with return of used springs / parts to customer
  • Customer completes BHServiceSolutions Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey

Fine Print: Customer is responsible for shipping cost of firearm to the BHSpringSolutions Authorized Service Center.  An additional fee of $30.95 is added at time of selection of this service for Insured Return Shipping of Firearm to customer.

Optional Services :

  • Trigger “Break Weight” Tuning: $50.  (For Hi Power, 1911, and CZ-75 Pistols)  Trigger Break “Weight” Tuned to Customer’s Expectation (Some Limits and Limitations do apply to this service and is fully discussed with customer at time of Pre-Service Consultation)  (Guarantees Trigger Break Weight within + or –  ½ pound of goal.)
  • Internals Polishing: ($80)  Polishing of all Metal to Metal Mating Surfaces including but not limited to:     – Sear edge     – Sear lever     – Trigger lever     – Magazine disconnect    – Hammer tooth     – Trigger     – Pins    -Magazine Release
  • Installation of C&S Wide Combat Replacement Trigger for Hi Power:  FREE
  • Installation of BH-MastersGrips: FREE (including any necessary fitting)

Please download the BHSpringSolutions LLC questionnaire. After filling it in, make sure you return it back to us on email: BHSpringSolutions@gmail.com

Additional information

Add BHAdvanced Trigger Sub-Assembly

No, Yes

Add Masters Grips

, , ,

Add Polishing of the Internal Parts


Add Trigger “Break Weight” Tuning


Install Picatinny Rail


Expedited Service Option (Under 15 Days)


Add RDIH Picatinny Rail



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