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SFS Optimizing Spring System

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A hard working spring that is not equal in all Hi Powers and Clones, and the Main (Hammer) Spring used in the SFS operating system is unique. Using the correct SFS version of Main Spring is critical to proper function.   Made with all the benefits of BHSpringSolutions build quality and Closing Coil design. 
Also known as the SFS Lever Spring, or Safety Lever Spring, the SFS Cocking Lever Spring essentially replaces the traditional Safety Lever Spring and adds functions to this spring located in the safety lever.  Unlike the Safety Lever Spring in a Non-SFS Hi Power, that may continue to serve It’s intended function (to some extent) even when “worn out”/weak, the SFS Cocking Lever Spring must be healthy to function properly. 
The SFS Operating System adds an additional spring to the Hi Power, and the Return Spring, is the additional spring.  The Return Spring is responsible for the SFS System’s unique hammer functions.  A weakened Return Spring will negatively impact proper function.
The SFS System is highly dependent on these springs being optimally healthy.  At this point in history, the SFS System has not been in use, long enough, to know how often these springs should be replaced. Nobody knows, yet.   It is understood, however, that all three unique SFS Springs, when installed, are continuously exerting energy, including when the gun is not in use.  Since nothing, including springs, exerts energy indefinitely, we know these springs weaken over time, and will eventually require replacement.
It is critically important that SFS users embrace cleaning and lubrication practices that eliminate any possibility of the SFS Springs becoming compromised by rust. 
BHSpringSolutions makes no recommendations about replacement intervals of these springs, but can suggest a “Best Practices” approach – that being replacement of SFS springs at the same time all other springs are replaced. 
BHSpringSolutions does recommend that owners of SFS-Equipped Hi Powers keep at least one of these replacement kits on hand at all times, and especially if current SFS Springs have been installed for longer  than 10 Years.


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