Makarov Full Spring Kit + extra Mag. Spring + extra Sear/ Slide Stop spring


Complete Spring Kit + extra Mag. Spring + extra Sear/ Slide Stop spring

Kit services 9×18 and .380 ACP Makarovs


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With 2 Magazine Springs and 2 Sear/Slide Stop Springs


Nikolay Makarov’s legendary sidearm has seen continuous military, police, and civilian service since 1951.  The design of the Makarov created a near “indestructo” sidearm.  The Makarov pistol contains only 6 Springs, counting the Magazine Spring – (further evidence of the genius of Nikolay Makarov).   And like the pistol itself, the springs in the Makarov are generally known for having a long life span (possible because of the design of those six springs).  However, the Makarov Pistol is not without its own “weak points”…when looking at the importance of “Spring Health” in the Makarov design.  The “Achilles Heels” in Makarov are the Magazine Spring and the Sear/Slide Stop Spring.  See below for a discussion about all springs in the Makarov.  This BHSpringSolutions LLC “DELUXE” Optimizing Spring Kit Contains 2 Magazine Springs and 2 Sear/Slide Stop Springs.     



BHSS Makarov Magazine Spring (2)

BHSS Makarov Sear/Slide Stop Spring (2)

BHSS Makarov Recoil Spring

BHSS Makarov Extractor Spring

BHSS Makarov Trigger Guard Spring

BHSS Makarov Safety Lever Spring


BHSS Makarov Magazine Springs (2):

Makarov Magazine Springs REQUIRE PERIODIC REPLACEMENT.  Makarov owners should always have at least one fresh Magazine Spring in the bag.  The design of the Makarov Magazine requires the Magazine Spring to be made from a relatively small diameter spring wire to allow full ammunition capacity to be accomplished.  To maintain optimal reliability and function in the Makarov, periodic replacement of Magazine Springs is essential. 


BHSS Makarov Sear/Slide Stop Spring 

An argument could be made that this short, stocky, hard-working and multi-talented spring is evidence of a shortcoming of the Makarov design.  The Makarov’s Sear/Slide Stop Spring is prone to deformation, and requires periodic replacement.  Spring deformation is strong evidence of an over-worked spring.  BHSpringSolutions LLC recommends inspection of this spring regularly, and replacement when any sign of deformation is present.  This spring is certainly no reason to fear the Makarov design, it is a “best practices” policy to have a spare Makarov Sear/Slide Stop Spring on hand.   


BHSS Makarov Recoil Spring

The Makarov Recoil Spring is a “man” of a Recoil Spring.  By today’s more modern standards, the Makarov’s Recoil Spring is “over-kill”.  Without the presence of a Main Spring, the Recoil Spring also carries the load of managing recoil.  Because this Recoil Spring is a horse, it also performs the function of returning the slide to battery with a successfully chambered next round, very impressively and reliably.

The Makarov’s Recoil Springs’s “over-kill” design allows this spring to enjoy a longer than typical life span for a recoil spring.  But like all semi-auto pistols, optimal function is heavily dependent on Optimal and healthy Recoil Spring. 


BHSpringSolutions tests it’s recoil springs by mechanically cycling, 10,000 times, a representative sample of each production run.  Typical result after 10,000 cycles is a loss of only 1mm of relaxed recoil spring length, and only ½ lb of resistance – remaining “fit for service” (within acceptable specs). All BHSpringSolutions Coil Springs are made with BHSS Optimized “Closing Coil” on both ends.   When a Spring is expressed as, for example, a “14 lb. Recoil Spring”, this number refers to the amount of weight the spring can push from its most compressed length during the spring’s cycling operation.   Another important, and seldom or never discussed important measurement of a spring’s resistance, is that spring’s resistance at it’s “maximum” length during its cycle.  In the case of a Recoil Spring, that would be the spring’s resistance when the pistol’s slide is fully forward.  BHSpringSolutions LLC maintains the industry’s tightest standards of consistency for Spring Dimensional Length and Resistance – assuring Optimal during the entire working cycle of each spring.          

BHSS Makarov Extractor Spring

Effective extraction of empty ammunition casings heavily depends on the health of the Extractor Spring in all semi-auto pistols equipped with an extractor that relies on a spring.  Endless numbers of semi-auto pistols rely on extractor springs that are a fraction of the size of the Makarov’s Extractor Spring.  All extractor springs in all semi-autos need to be optimal and “healthy” to function well.  Nikolay Makarov had a strong understanding of the importance of this spring’s good function.


BHSS Makarov Trigger Guard Spring

BHSS Makarov Safety Lever Spring

Like all springs, functions work better with optimal springs.  The Trigger Guard Spring and Safety Lever Spring might be considered “lower priority” spring replacements in the Makarov.  


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