Magazine Spring for Makarov 9×18 and .380 ACP

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Magazine Springs for Makarov 9×18 and .380 ACP

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Magazine Springs for Makarov 9×18 and .380 ACP

Standard capacity (8rnd)

1 review for Magazine Spring for Makarov 9×18 and .380 ACP

  1. Seth Burgin

    I did have to trim and shape the spring, and the Daewoo DH 380 is still picky with what ammo it likes. Main point: I no longer have rounds jamming nose up into the chamber’s flare. With HOT .380 flat nose reloads, the gun runs round through like mulberries run through a goose. Cheaper Fiocchi JHPs run really well, and the slightly longer barrel of the PP gives them enough velocity to expand. I had a choice of Russian magazine springs or BH Spring Solutions. That was a no brainer! BHSS’s springs are top shelf! I had to trim the spring back, and bend it so it forced the rounds up in the front. PMC still jams, on the last two rounds, but it is also dirty, and kinda nasty. White box, Win, Fed or Rem runs great. For carry I use Hornady Critical Defense, and after the BHSS spring transplant, I have no worries! I did some serious filing, reshaping, and polishing, so why cheap out on the main issue, weak mag springs. I haven’t had need to change the Makarovs’ springs, yet, but when I do, they will get BHSS’s springs. Why pay shipping from Ukraine, which makes the east block springs cost a litte less, but I invested time, and tools into this gun, so I am taking chances with ex-Soviet metallurgy. The Daewoo DP51 is an awesome pistol, so I bought the DH 380, and it needed help from BH Spring Solutions, to work properly. THANKS, BH Spring Solutions!

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