Full Size HiPower 3 Recoil Springs Pack


3 Recoil Springs Pack for the Full Sized HiPower and Clones

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BHSS 9mm Optimized Recoil Springs for Browning Hi Power and Clones

Contains the Following BHSpringSolutions LLC Optimized Full-Size Hi Power Recoil Springs:

15 lb. BHSS Recoil Spring – OEM in Kareen Mark II and Mark III Hi Power Clones, Arcus 94 Hi Power Clones, Arcus 98DA.  Useful for light reload ammunition and underpowered factory ammunition in FN/Browning Hi Power and “identical Hi Power Clones”(e.g. FM, Inglis, FEG etc.) 

17 lb. BHSS Recoil Spring – OEM for Standard Pressure Ammunition in all FN/Browning Hi Powers and all “identical” Hi Power Clones.  Useful for High Presssure (+P) ammunition in Kareen Mark II/III, Arcus 94, and Arcus 98DA

18.5 lb. BHSS Recoil Spring – Useful for High Pressure (+P) ammunition in FN/Browning Hi Power and all “identical” Hi Power Clones. 

BHKnowledgeBase Material about the applications for these springs included with order. 

BHSpringSolutions LLC Recoil Springs are tested by mechanically cycling, 10,000 times, a representative sample of each production run.  Typical result after 10,000 cycles is a loss of only 1mm of relaxed recoil spring length (retaining 99% of original relaxed length), and only ½ lb of resistance (retaining 97% of original resistance) – remaining “fit for service” (within acceptable specs for use in the Hi Power design).

All BHSpringSolutions Coil Springs are made with BHSS Optimized “Closing Coil” on both ends, and filed on each end for maximum surface contact and performance.  BHSpringSolutions LLC exacting dimensional length standards assure optimal spring resistance and performance at all points of the spring’s compression and decompression.    

BHSpringSolutions LLC recommends a Best Practices approach of complete Spring Replacement, every 5 years or 5,000 Rounds, with BHSpringSolutions LLC Optimizing Springs.  In shorter barrel handguns classified as “Commander”, “Compact”, “Detective”, “Subcompact”, “Officers”, etc., a more frequent recoil spring change regimen is recommended.      


You accept that it is solely your responsibility to assure that any firearm you may own, possess, handle or work on, is completely unloaded and handled in a safe and responsible manner at all times and that you hold harmless BHSpringSolutions LLC, its employees and officers, from any and all liability resulting from use of firearms.

You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to assure that your firearm(s) are functioning in a safe and reliable manner and that if not, whether you have installed a BHSpringSolutions LLC product or not, you will take any and all measures, including repairs by a qualified Gunsmith, required to correct such issues before loading and using your firearms.

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