FM95 Detective Optimizing Spring System


Spring kit for FM Detective with Sear Lever Spring / Firing Pin Block Safety

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BHSS 2 Springs Detetive RECOIL SPRING
FM of Argentina employed a unique spring over a spring 2-Spring recoil system. BHSpringSolutions FM Detective Recoil Springs are OEM equal to original with the added benefits of BHSpringSolutions proprietary Closing Coil ends, designed to Optimize Spring Performance throughout the recoil cycle – specifically, the BHSS Closing Coil provides maximum resistance at the beginning of recoil, prior to barrel unlocking from slide – contributing to excellent accuracy.
 2-Coil TACTICAL Trigger Reset Spring is the heavier of the BHSS Trigger Return Springs and provides a more authoritative forward trigger reset.  Excellent for tactical and carry uses.
 3-Coil TARGET Trigger Reset Spring lightens trigger pull while retaining  sufficient reset for the preferences of some shooters for carry use.
 A Tiny SPRING that is hand made from start to finish.  Also known as, pound for pound, the hardest working spring in the Hi Power design.  When this spring becomes too weak, it causes malfunctions.  The BHSpringSolutions Extractor Spring equals or exceeds the most robust Extractor Springs ever produced for the Hi Power design, and hand filed on each end for optimal flat surface contact. We recommend Extractor Spring Replacement every 5 Years or 5,000 Rounds.  
 Retains the Firing Pin in it’s rearward most position.  The BHSS Firing Pin Spring   included in this kit equals the heaviest firing pin spring used by any manufacturer (FN/Browning) of the Hi Power design.
Another hard working spring that is not equal in all Hi Powers and Clones.   Using the correct main spring for your model Hi Power is critical to proper function.   Made with all the benefits of BHSpringSolutions build quality and Closing Coil design.
 This spring is responsible for that “click” sound when the Hi Power’s safety lever is moved from safe to fire and back to safe.  When healthy, this spring helps the safety lever stay in position, decisively.  This spring is prone to “coil collapse”.  BHSpringSolutions Safety Lever Spring is the most robust version of this spring available.
 This spring is responsible for positive magazine lock-up, and magazine retention in the grip frame.  Different Hi Power manufacturers have made stronger and weaker versions of this spring.  The BHSpringSolutions Magazine Latch Spring is a stronger version that helps prevent inadvertent magazine release when holstering and handling the firearm, provides excellent and positive magazine lock-up, and smooth/decisive magazine release operation.
 Located in the Trigger Assembly, the Magazine DisconnectSpring is responsible for disabling the trigger when the magazine is removed, and correctly positioning the trigger bar when the magazine is installed.  Arcus and Kareen  lightened this spring while retaining proper trigger bar function/positioning, resulting in a smoother/lighter/better trigger pull.  BHSpringSolutions Magazine Disconnect Spring is a lighter/optimized version.
Located in the Hi Power slide of models with a firing pin block safety. When this spring is not made to specs, the result can adversely affect trigger pull.
BHSpringSolutions tests it’s recoil springs by mechanically cycling, 10,000 times, a representative sample of each production run.  Typical result after 10,000 cycles is a loss of only 1mm of relaxed recoil spring length, and only ½ lb of resistance – remaining “fit for service” (within acceptable specs for use in the Hi Power design).All BHSpringSolutions Coil Springs are made with BHSS Optimized “Closing Coil” on both ends, and certain springs are further hand-filed on each end for maximum surface contact and performance. 

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