Browning Hi-Power Recoil Buffering Guide Rod

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Dual-Stage/Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod Assembly




BHPerfomance Part:

Enhances Shooter’s Accuracy

Enhances Shooter’s Follow-Up Efficiency (Speed)

Enhances Shooter’s Control of the Hi-Power

Enhances Shooter’s Comfort

Increases Shooter’s Confidence

Extends Hi-Power Service Life

Tunable! Includes 3 Strengths of BHSS-Recoil Buffering Springs

And users’ choice of Buffering Spring does NOT require a change of recoil spring strength!


Lifetime Part with replaceable internal springs

Note: ALL “Factory” (OEM) Hi-Power Recoil Spring Guide Rods are a limited life part

All contain a non-replaceable / compressed spring that weakens over time


Universal Compatibility w/ ALL Full-Size Hi-Power Pistols from All Manufacturers:

FN/Browning (Belgium), FM (Argentina), Kareen (Israel), FEG (Hungary), Arcus (Bulgaria), Tisas/Regent BR9 (Turkey), and Others

Hard Part Components Manufactured by EFK Fire Dragon, Inc. in U.S.A.

Spring Components Manufactured by BHPerformance LLC in Bulgaria

Final Component Assembly, Quality Control & Packaging by BHSpringSolutions LLC in USA

When firing a semi-automatic pistol, the slide recoils rearward at great speed, and then comes to an immediate stop (collision) against the frame at full recoil. This force and impact to the frame is constantly weakening the slide and vibrating the internal parts, potentially compromising or wearing parts prematurely, and and excessive recoil results in turning movements in the shooters wrist. This sudden “collision” causes a violent muzzle jump which temporarily pulls the pistol off target and upwards, causing a need for dual-action buffers.

The BHSpringSolutions/EFK Fire Dragon Dual-Stage Buffering Recoil Spring Guide rod offers these advantages:

  • Impact: The reduction of slide velocity just before impact with the frame preserves the structural integrity of the firearm – and your rather significant investment!
  • Muzzle Control: By changing the final backward movement of the slide from a sudden stop to a progressive stop, muzzle jump is greatly decreased by up to 40% giving you more control.
  • Function: No interference with feeding ammunition or extracting empty shell casings.  The slide pull the empty shell casing into the Ejector prior to the slide reaching full recoil – the Dual-Stage Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod’s INFLUENCE Starts after the slide’s rearward velocity has achieved the Extraction Sequence.
  • Progressive: This is a system designed to reduce the backward velocity of the slide in progressive stages after the gun is shot. The effect of this system is that the recoil is reduced by 40% making your follow up shots much easier to shoot. This is a VERY effective system.
  • Stability: Better stability for your barrel. Stainless steel guide rod replaces guide rods for superior barrel support and function.
  • Better Accuracy: Progressively slows down your slide from heavy impact against the frame. Works just like a car shock absorber, reducing the slide impact. Lower impact means less recoil, accurate recovery of the weapon for on-target accuracy is better achieved, shot after shot. Even expert shooters can benefit from lower recoil.
  • Lower Frame Shock: The slide is one of the heaviest components in a semi-automatic pistol. Upon firing, the slide slams back with great energy against the frame.  The Dual-Stage Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod can lower this slide impact dramatically, preventing excessive wear.
  • Why 3 strengths of Buffering Springs?  Some shooters of “light reloads” and competitive shooters using very light reloads may find the Light Buffering Spring preferable for function and control of already reduced recoil.  Some shooters with weak hands might find slide racking against the Heavy Buffering Spring to be a little much, and may prefer the Medium Buffering Spring.  And a myriad of other possible scenarios can make the user’s choice of strengths in the Buffering Springs, an advantage.
  • Universal Drop In Fit: Direct replacement for your factory Hi-Power recoil spring guide rod assembly.   No modifications required.
  • Lifetime Part with Replaceable Springs



NEW – BHSpringSolutions

Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod Assembly

Q: Is the New Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod Assembly compatible with FN/Browning .40S&W Hi-Powers?

A: Absolutely!  The buffering action is exactly the same and will be appreciated by owners of .40S&W HP!

Q: I have a .357Sig Barrel for my Browning .40S&W Hi-Power.  Will the New Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod help with the excessive muzzle jump that I experience?

A: YES!  This scenario is probably the most needy for the New Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod for Hi-Power!

Q: Is the “Ball Spring”, that applies pressure to the Slide Stop, replaceable?

A: Yes.  And this is an important question.  The Hi-Power’s Recoil Spring Guide Rod is not just a Rod that Guides the Recoil Spring – it is also the Command and Control of the Hi-Power’s Slide Stop positioning/function.  When the spring inside a TRADITIONAL HP Recoil Spring Guide Rod gets 25+ years on it, its’ ability to do its’ job starts to go away.  Because our design of the parts in this area of the New Buffering Guide Rod Assembly and the Ball Spring design, we don’t expect replacement of the Ball Spring in the New Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod to be necessary for a very long time.  The Ball Spring is both a stout and barely compressed spring – meaning, we accomplished excellent pressure on the ball that controls the HP Slide Stop, with very little compression and stress on the ball spring – a combination that can produce very long spring life in an application.

Instructions will be included with the New Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod that will fully explain disassembly of this area of the Assembly for replacement of the Ball Spring, and of course Replacement Springs will be readily available from

Q: Could the Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod cause excessive forward slide velocity?

A: No.  From the point of full recoil, the Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod is going to contribute to forward slide velocity for only about the first 3/8” of forward slide travel, (which will produce more positive “stripping” of the next round from the magazine without increasing the strength of your recoil spring) and after that first 3/8” of forward slide travel, there is no difference in the influence that returns your slide to the forward battery position.

Q: How often should I replace the Recoil Buffering Spring?

A: As a “best practices approach, BHSpringSolutions LLC will recommend the same “5 Year / 5,000 Round” replacement schedule for the Buffering Spring used in the New Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod… same as we recommend for all springs in the Hi-Power pistol.

Q: Are there any known compatibility issues in ANY Hi-Power pistols from any manufacturers?

A: Only one.  The Hi-Powers made years ago in Canada by Ingliss and the identical Ishapore 1A still made today in India at Rifle Factory Ishapore – these Hi-Powers will also require replacement of the Slide Stop (e.g. BHSS/RDIH Extended Slide Stop for HP).  All other Hi-Powers made in Belgium, Hungary, Isreal, Bulgaria, U.S., Germany, Turkey, just replace the OEM Recoil Spring Guide Rod with the New BHSS Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod and enjoy shooting with less recoil and muzzle jump!

Additional information

Is your gun Arcus 94/98 or Kareen MKII/MKIII

YES, NO, Choose an Option

ADD BHSS Full Spring Kit


Is Your gun chambered in .40S&W

No, Yes


BHSpringSolutions USA


9 reviews for Browning Hi-Power Recoil Buffering Guide Rod

  1. Chris

    I will start with the good. This device is well made, looks good, and works well as a guide rod. The detent spring is strong and the ball detent holds your slide stop lever tight. It also is the only affordable solution for those that need a new guide rod to replace a worn one in an old pistol.

    The bad. I tried this device with the heavy buffering spring. I shot my pistol with the standard guide rod first, and then switched to the buffering guide rod. I did not notice any difference in recoil or muzzle flip when using a standard 17 lb recoil spring, and 124 gr standard pressure 9mm ammunition. I compared shooting two handed as well as one handed with my dominant then non-dominant hand and I still did not notice any recoil or muzzle flip reduction over the standard guide rod. What I did noice, was that the slide was significantly harder to pull fully to the rear with the buffering guide rod.

    I’m a fan of the products BH Springs Solutions is offering. I have used several of their springs and tools for the Hi Power. The SFS for the Hi Power is a great product, and I am really looking forward to the release of the new Hi Power trigger that is in the works. I had high hopes for this Buffering Guide Rod, but sadly I did not find any real usefulness from it. If you are in need of a new guide rod to solve slide stop lever problems, I would recommend this.

    Conclusion, if you need a new guide rod to rehab an old Hi Power that is having slide stop lever problems, this is the ticket. However, I would recommend the light buffering spring because it doesn’t make the slide harder to rack, and I found no added benefit by using the heavy spring.

  2. Dan

    Review for Dual-Stage/Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod Assembly
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  3. Richard

    Review for Dual-Stage/Buffering Recoil Spring Guide Rod Assembly
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  4. Gary Silva

    My review on Dual-Stage Recoil Buffering Guide Rod is very positive and I can’t see any down side.
    1st appears to be quality and well made and does exactly what it is designed to do.
    2nd follow the instructions and the guide rod assembles very easy.
    3rd the availability of different recoil rod springs is a fantastic idea. I’m making my 75th trip around the sun this October and some things just become a little more difficult each year like racking my Browning HP, well the heavy spring was out of my league, the moderate spring was a little difficult but doable and the light spring hit the sweet spot. I have a feeling I might need to replace it on a frequent basis maybe? Non issue here.
    If anyone is sitting on the fence regarding this purchase, don’t hesitate any longer just do it and I know you will be one happy satisfied customer.

  5. Jeff

    Review for Browning Hi-Power Recoil Buffering Guide Rod
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  6. James

    Review for Browning Hi-Power Recoil Buffering Guide Rod
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  7. Jeff Leusman

    My reason for buying this is that I couldn’t get the slide stop out of my 38 year old BHP without a tap with a soft hammer. Mark responded to my email quickly and said he thought it was the old recoil rod. I purchased the recoil buffering rod and he was right. The slide stop slips out crisply, but not easily. I did the slide test to check the heavy recoil spring and it was a bit tighter than what it was replacing (again, as far as I am aware it replaced a 38 year old spring), but was fine. This BHP is used solely for target, plinking, gongs, etc and I have other family members also use it too and all smaller than I am. With this use in mind along with a 4-5 fold lifespan increase of the medium weight spring relative to the heavy weight spring due to the geometry of the spring in the space but still having 90% of the buffering I used the medium spring. Maybe if I had shot competitively, I would use the heavy spring, but I just don’t see a benefit for me. I have not tried the heavy buffer spring. I just took it out shooting and there certainly seems to be a softer, less abrupt feel and my shooting was much better overall. To be completely transparent, at the same time I purchased the recoil buffer rod, I purchased full spring kit with tools and every spring in the BHP has been replaced. This includes removing the magazine disconnect, using the bonus 24 lb hammer spring and the light trigger spring. My Lyman trigger gauge says my trigger pull now averages 4 lb, 13 oz which is a couple pounds(!) below what it had been. I was able to nail our gong quickly and repeatedly at 15 yds as I have not been able to do before. How much was trigger feel and springs vs recoil buffer? Hard for me to say for sure. Maybe if you are looking to improve your BHP get both?

  8. Kevin

    Review for Browning Hi-Power Recoil Buffering Guide Rod
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  9. James

    I purchased Recoil Buffering Guide Rod and did as Mark suggested which is start with the heavy spring first and see if you like it yes it was a little hard to rack the slide I then went to the medium spring and that one did it, as far as quality everything BH Spring does is first class however I do suggest replacing the main spring, and if your Hi Power is getting up in age most definitely do a complete spring change there is a difference.

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