CZ-75 Trigger Pull Reduction Kit /75B/75BD/85


Trigger Pull Reduction Kit – BHSpringSolutions LLC

Optimizes Both Double Action and Single Action Trigger

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Kit contains:

15 lb Main Spring

17 lb Recoil Spring

Optimized (Light) Trigger Return Spring (w/ LIFETIME GUARANTEE AGAINST BREAKAGE)

Optimized (Light) Firing Pin Plunger Spring

Optimized (Light) Firing Pin Spring

*TERMS OF BHSpringSolutions LLC: CZ-75 Trigger Return Spring LIFETIME GUARANTEE
Should a BHSpringSolutions LLC CZ-75 Trigger Return Spring experience breakage, BHSpringSolutions LLC will provide Free Replacement for the life of the pistol where the BHSS Trigger Return Spring is installed. Note: All springs require periodic replacement where installation requires compression of the spring – BHSpringSolutions LLC does not guarantee any spring against loss of strength or resistance. This is a specific guarantee against failure by breakage, where the BHSpringSolutions LLC Trigger Return Spring is properly installed and where the Main Spring used is not stronger than 20 lb. Customer will pay only the BHSpringSolutions LLC prevailing charge for shipping the replacement spring.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of these springs will fit in some cz-75 clones. This product is specifically designed for: CZ-75, CZ-75B, CZ-75BD, CZ-75 SP01


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