Complete Optimizing Spring System for 5″ (Government) 9mm/ .38Super 1911s s.80


Complete Optimized Spring System for 5″ (Government) 9mm/ .38Super  1911s


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Complete Optimizing Spring Kit for 5″ (Government) 9mm/ .38Super 1911s series 80

This kit includes the following Recoil Springs:

1. 14lb. Recoil Spring

2. 16lb. Recoil Spring

What is the difference between a “Series 70” and a “Series 80” 1911?      

The Series 80 is a more modern design, containing a mechanical firing pin block safety, intended to prevent accidental discharge if the 1911 should be dropped on the muzzle with a live round in the chamber, by preventing the firing pin from moving forward except when the trigger is pulled.  Series 70 1911s contain no such device and are fully dependent on the strength of the Firing Pin Spring, to retain Firing Pin in it’s rearward position, in the event the 1911 is dropped on the muzzle with a live round chambered.

What is the difference between a Series 70 and a Series 80 Spring Kit from BHSpringSolutions LLC?

Series 80 Spring Kits from BHSpringSolutions LLC contain a Firing Pin Block Safety Spring, a light Firing Pin Spring, and one each of our Heavy and Light Main Springs.

Series 70 Spring Kits from BHSpringSolutions LLC contain an enhanced (heavier) Firing Pin Spring because, the Firing Pin Spring itself is your only protection against accidental discharge in the event of a muzzle drop in the Series 70 design.

More On Main Springs

Each Series 70 kit contains one Heavy Main Spring, and 2 Light Main Springs.

Because of the enhanced resistance created by the Series 70 Firing Pin Spring, shooters who prefer performance associated with the Light Main Spring should note that we suggest replacement of this Light Main Spring twice as often as other springs in the 1911 Series 70.   BHSpringSolutions recommends a “best practices” approach to 1911 spring replacement of “Every 5 Years or 5,000 rounds, whichever comes first”.  The one exception is use of the Light Main Spring in combination with the Heavy Firing Pin Spring of the Series 70 – in which case we recommend replacement of the Light Main Spring at approximately 2 ½ years – this is the reason for two Light Main Springs in our Series 70 1911 Tune-Up and Optimization Spring Kits.

Plunger Spring:

Contained in all BHSpringSolutions LLC 1911 Optimizing Spring Kits.  This multi-function spring is located inside the little tube you see on the left side of your 1911.  One responsibility of this spring is keeping the manual safety in the “on safe” position.  And, since “cocked and locked” also known as “Condition 1”, is the most common condition for carry of the 1911, keeping this spring healthy should be a priority for all 1911 owners.  A healthy plunger spring reduces the chances of unintended movement of the manual safety from the “on safe” position to “fire” position.  A correctly made plunger spring has an intentional “dog leg” in the center of the spring because this design works best.  The Plunger Spring must push in opposite directions, simultaneously, all the time.  The “kink”, or dog leg in the center of this spring creates a stationary position in the center of the spring because each half of the spring has it’s own job to do, in opposing directions.  A side benefit is that the Plunger Spring doesn’t fly across the room during disassembly when it’s made with the “dog leg” design.

Magazine Latch Spring:

This spring is responsible for positive lock-up and retention of the magazine in the 1911 grip frame.  If you read many handgun reviews, it probably won’t be long before you read a reviewer who comments that he or she unintentionally manipulated the magazine release during shooting or deholstering.  Of course, no magazine latch spring can stop this from happening if a shooters thumb is going places it shouldn’t go at the wrong time…….but a healthy magazine latch spring does decrease the likelihood of untended manipulation of the magazine release, as much as possible.  A healthy magazine latch spring provides maximum resistance on the magazine release, while still allowing smooth manipulation and function when release of the magazine is intended.



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