BHVet RECON Unit Membership


BHVet RECON Unit Membership

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BHVet RECON Unit Membership


BHSpringSolutions LLC announces the formation of a “BHSpringSolutions Special Forces Team” – The BHVet Recon Unit.  With the assistance and support of the BHVet Recon Unit, BHSpringSolutions LLC will be instrumental in shaping the future events of Hi-Power history. 


In December 2017, Browning Arms Co. DISCONTINUED the iconic Browning Hi-Power.  For their own reasons, FN and Browning had actually pre-ordained the eventual discontinuation of the Hi-Power pistol in 1993.

When Browning made the decision they announced in 2017, BHSpringSolutions LLC made an internal decision to do everything possible to become the future of the Hi-Power design.  Because BHSpringSolutions has already been helped thousands of Hi-Power owners Optimize their own Hi-Powers, BHSpringSolutions LLC had a small head-start in moving into a leadership position in the Advancement of the Hi-Power design.   

If you can answer yes to ANY of the following:

I would be:

– Interested in the next Hi-Power Advancements that are now on the way from BHSpringSolutions LLC for the Hi-Power

– Interested in providing my opinion about our Future Advancements

– Willing to receive a sample of our future Advancements, Test Components and provide a report of the results

– Willing to create YouTube Videos of my own and publish them on YouTube prior to public availability of New Advancements

– Interested in having first purchase opportunity when BHSpringSolutions releases the BHSpringSolutions Advanced Hi-Power Barrel, the BHSpringSolutions Advanced (and completely re-designed) Hi-Power Trigger Sub-Assembly.

– Interested if BHSpringSolutions LLC manufactures a Drop-In “Compact Slide Kit” (4-inch barrel) that could transform existing Hi-Power frames into a Compact Hi-Power pistol.

– Interested if BHSpringSolutions LLC manufactures Next Generation Hi-Power pistols

– Interested in a financial investment position that could pay me a worthwhile return


If you meet any, or many, of the above requirements – you must also be in position to answer “Yes” or “True” to ALL of the following conditions:

–         I am not a member of or affilated with ANY other companies or organizations that directly or indirectly are competitors with BHSpringSolutions LLC or

–          I am willing to enter into a “Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement” that is also a “Non-Compete Agreement”. 

If these criteria for Membership in the BHVet RECON UNIT describes you, we are inviting you to join us.



–         I understand that continuance of my Membership Status in the BHSpringSolutions BHVet RECON UNIT shall continue at discretion of BHSpringSolutions LLC Ownership

–         I agree to keep all communications with BHSpringSolutions Ownership Confidential regarding future advancements of designs and products. 

–         I confirm that I am not a member of, or associated with, any businesses or organizations that are or could be direct or indirect competition to BHSpringSolutions LLC or

–         I understand that my participation and assistance in any BHSpringSolutions functions is strictly voluntary on my part, and likewise completely at the discretion and option of BHSpringSolutions.

–         I agree not to utilize any knowledge gained from my Membership in the BHVet RECON UNIT in any future competitive way against BHSpringSolutions LLC.

–         I understand that my Membership Fee entitles me to receipt of a Credit Voucher and that upon receipt of that Credit Voucher Code, BHSpringSolutions LLC and has fulfilled its’ obligations to me as a New Member and that future benefits of membership shall be completely at the discretion of BHSpringSolutions LLC.  BHSpringSolutions LLC and make no guarantees of any future benefits to member. 

–         Hold Harmless – I agree that this agreement constitutes a Release of Liability and Hold Harmless to BHSpringSolutions LLC,, it’s employees and affiliates and partner companies – and I accept the inherent risks involved with any and all functions that I may volunteer to perform during my services as a Member of the BHVet RECON UNIT









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