Hi-Power “Self-Tightening” Trigger Pin Solution


This is a Specialty Trigger Pin for all Hi-Powers (except Tisas BR9)

Manufactured by BHSpringSolutions

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Manufactured by BHSpringSolutions

This is a Specialty Trigger Pin for all Hi-Powers (except Tisas BR9).  Installs tight in Hi-Power frames where the OEM Trigger Pin no longer fits tight in the frame.  The metal “fins” on the last 2.5mm of pin create a self-tightened-fit-relationship.  Installs and Uninstalls with a reasonable level of force.  Like all Hi-Power Trigger Pins, this specialty pin will also become loose in the frame, and need to be replaced, after multiple uninstalls / installs.

BHKnowledgeBase Recommendation: When an OEM Hi-Power Trigger Pin is no longer snug in the frame, retain that “loose” pin.  When making any modifications, or conducting any testing of trigger return springs (as an example) in a Hi-Power, utilize that “loose pin” for the necessary uninstalls / installs of the trigger during testing.  When satisfied with set-up, replace the loose trigger pin with the BH-HP Self-Tightening Trigger Pin as the more permanent/secure trigger pin solution.


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