1911 Slide Velocity Calibration Spring Kit


1911 Slide Velocity Calibration Spring Kit

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Slide Velocity Calibration Spring Kit Solution


  1. All 1911s are not created equal.  Nobody seems to know how many firearms manufacturers have built a 1911 semi-auto pistol.  And even though springs may be interchangeable between most of them, not all 1911s function best with the same recoil and main spring combinations. 

  2. The design of the 1911 is so excellent, and so robust, that many 1911s continue to function, even after all the springs have become weak.  This is both a blessing and a curse – because although the 1911 may seem to function fine with unhealthy springs – accuracy will suffer and rearward slide velocity will become excessive, causing premature wear of parts.  In addition to causing your 1911 to wear out faster, weakened springs make great “riding partners” for a host of potential 1911 malfunctions, including:  Encountering ammunition with “hard primers” (failures-to-fire) goes hand in hand with an unhealthy main spring that no longer causes the hammer to strike the firing pin with sufficient force.  Experiences of failures-to-feed go hand in hand with a weakened recoil spring that no longer returns the slide to battery with sufficient authority. 

  3. Variations in .45ACP ammunition, exist today, that did not exist in 1911.  The varieties of bullet weights and pressures in ammunition today constitute a moving target. 

  4. All coil springs in the 1911 are compressed, when installed.  They are expending energy (wearing themselves out) just by being installed in a 1911. 


    Solution:  The BHSpringSolutions 1911 Slide Velocity Calibration Spring Kit

                 The BHSpringSolutions Slide Velocity Calibration Spring Kits for the 5” barrel 1911 in .45ACP, contain 3 Recoil Springs, 2 Main Springs. 



    Why 3 Recoil Springs and 2 Main Springs? 

    Generally, the distance of ejection of empty shell casings, gives us feedback about function and slide velocity.  And generally, we look for this distance to be in the 4’ – 8’ range.  This is where “All 1911s are not created equal”, applies.  During our testing with 230 gr standard pressure ammunition, we found distance of empty case ejection to be in the 4’ – 6’ range with our standard 16 lb recoil spring and our Heavy Main Spring.  When we changed over to our Light Main Spring, distance of empty shell case ejection was an additional 1½’ – 2 ½’ further, depending on the ammunition being tested….giving us empty case ejection in the 6’ – 8’ range.   With the lighter main spring, we could then go to our heavier 18 lb recoil spring, and tame the recoil a bit, and reduced the empty shell case ejection distance and increased the authority of the slide’s return to battery.  Our 18 lb Recoil Spring also nicely controlled +P .45ACP ammunition, particularly with the heavier main spring.  These results were in our 1911 used for testing which is a recent production Remington R1.  The owner of a Colt GI 1911, made in 1930, may find a slightly different combination to be optimal, and the owner of a Springfield 1911 may find yet a different combination to work best.  And also, the right combination of Main Spring and Recoil Spring is not only about the basic science involved in measuring distance of ejected empty shell casings – there is another factor – not all shooters are created equal.  Our 3 Recoil Springs and 2 Main Springs, standard in all BHSpringSolutions 1911 Spring Kits, also take into account this other important fact: “It’s also a feel thing”……in other words, as long as function is reliable and the empty shell casing ejection distance is in the desired range, the right combination of recoil spring and main spring, in a particular 1911, for a particular shooter, also depends on which combination yields the best performance results for the shooter and his 1911.  Many 1911s will function reliably with our 16 lb recoil spring and either of our Main Springs, and many 1911s will function well with standard pressure ammunition with our heavier 18 lb recoil spring and lighter Main Spring as a combination – and the final determination of “optimal” will be based on the combination that “feels” best, and enables the owner/shooter to perform best.  Ultimately, this optimal combination is found by the 1911 owner and his handgun, together. 


    Many manufacturers go to great efforts to make quality 1911s, with consistency of build quality that, given today’s technology and modern machinery, is better than it’s ever been in history.  Unfortunately, many 1911 owners (and manufacturers) are missing the best possible 1911 performance by not finding the best possible combination of Recoil and Main Spring.  The importance of these two springs, working together like gears in a well-oiled machine, cannot be overstated with respect to the 1911.


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