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1911 Masters Grips NAVY

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The 1911 has 2 grip screws for each grip panel (compared to the Hi Power which uses 1 grip screw to secure the grip panels). And, since around 1911, this 2 grip screws design has challenged grips makers who sought to enhance or optimize grips for the 1911.

Most 1911 owners, who have ever shopped 1911 grip panels, already know that a google search of “1911 grips” can provide hours of entertainment. For the record, BHSpringSolutions LLC does NOT make plastic 1911 grips in pink, or with pictures of poodles on them. We are not designing and manufacturing novelties. BHSpringSolutions LLC 1911 Masters Grips Optimize the 1911 design.


Crafted of beautiful, top quality Walnut, and finished with a three stage clear shellac finishing process.  Presentation Grade Appearance.

Why the “thumb-rest” design on the right grip, and indented left grip?

This is a BHSpringSolutions LLC Exclusive Design.  During rapid deholstering, the “thumb” rest on the right grip acts as a guide for proper hand positioning – the trigger finger finds the right grip contour and the rest of the hand follows to a correct and high position on the 1911 grip frame.  During magazine changes, the indent on the left grip decreases distance to the magazine release allowing more shooters’ thumbs to reach the magazine release without repositioning the hand.  If the shooters thumb finds the indent during deholstering or shooting, this is a signal that the thumb and probably the rest of the hand, is positioned too low on the grip frame.  Left-handed shooter?  BHSpringSolutions LLC can reverse these designs on the left and right grips.

Production time 6-8 weeks.


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