BHAdvanced Mecgar 15 Round 9mm Hi-Power Nickel Magazine w/ Solid Brass Finger-Rest Base Plate (+0 capacity)


15 round Nickel w/ brass finger rest

This product is compatible with:
FN & Browning Hi-Power 9mm (All Generations) (Belgium, Belgium / Portugal)
FM 90 & FM 95 Full-Size & Detective Models (Argentina)
FEG (All Generations Single-Action Hi-Power Clones) (Hungary)
Kareen (All Generations) (Israel, Bulgaria)
Arcus 94 / 94C (All Generations) (Bulgaria)
Tisas BR9 (Turkey)
Inglis HP (All Generations) (Canada)
Mauser 80SA (Germany)
Charles Daly HP (U.S.A.)
Ishapore 1A HP (India)

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BHAdvanced Mecgar 15 Round 9mm Hi-Power Nickel Magazine w/ Solid Brass Finger-Rest Base Plate

Finger Rest Designed and Manufactured by Tinnitus Designs LLC in USA

Made by Mec-Gar, Italy

For ALL Mecgar Magazine sales by BHSS, we must consistently abide by the varying state laws regarding firearms magazine capacity. listings should include the following statement when a magazine capacity exceeds 10 rounds:

BHSpringSolutions LLC does not and will not ship firearms magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds to mailing addresses in the following:

Washington D.C.






New Jersey

New York


Colorado – No Magazines with more than 15 Round Capacity

Vermont – No Handgun Magazines with more than 15 Round Capacity


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