Hi-Power LPA Sights

The configuration of the Factory Sight Cuts for the Hi-Power Pistol varies depending on the manufacturing period and configuration of the gun. There are three distinct types of sight cuts:

1. Early: Smallest Rear Dovetail Model, and various Front Sight approaches were used by FN/Browning. Not considered an option for Hi-Powers that do not currently have rear or rear/front dovetails – See Mark III category.

2.Sport: Characterized by an Adjustable Rear Sight sometimes called a Beer-Can-Adjustable-Rear. This rear dovetail is not the same dimensions as a “Mark III Rear Dovetail”. Not compatible with any other Hi-Power models. Not considered a rear sight option for models that do not have a rear dovetail – See Mark III category.

3. Mark III: Front & Rear Dovetails used by FN/Browning 1989 – 2017. Also used by FM on the FM95 and FM95 Detective and some Arcus 94 models.

The MKIII Sights are Press-Out / Press-In for all MKIII Sight cuts.
We can dovetail all slides (except Tisas BR9 and Springfield SA-35 slides) to accept MKIII sights.

If there is even a hint of a doubt about which sight you need, don’t hesitate to ask your Service Coordinator for details at 1-877-423-BHSS.