Browning Hi-Power Tools + Universal Spring Kit for FULL SIZE Guns

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Save $ with this combo created from our best sellers! FOR FULL SIZED HI-POWERS

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In this product you’ll find the Masters Tools Kit and the Universal Spring Kit for FULL SIZED Hi-Powers.

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1 review for Browning Hi-Power Tools + Universal Spring Kit for FULL SIZE Guns

  1. Jeff Leusman

    Other than field stripping to clean a firearm, I have never done any work that would be confused with “gun-smithing”. I purchased the full spring kit with the tools. Watched the youtube videos and every spring in my 38 year old BHP has now been replaced. The hammer spring tool and firing pin plate removal tool are something I don’t think I would have enjoyed being without. I removed the magazine disconnect, used the bonus 24 lb hammer spring that comes with the kit and the light trigger spring. My Lyman trigger gauge says my trigger pull now averages 4 lb, 13 oz which is a couple pounds(!) below what it had been. With the heavy trigger spring, my trigger pull was about 1 pound higher on my particular BHP. At the same time I replaced the recoil rod with the BH Spring Solutions recoil buffer rod. I went shooting today I was able to nail our gong quickly and repeatedly at 15 yds as I have not been able to do before. How much was trigger feel and springs vs recoil buffer? Hard for me to say for sure nor do I know if it matters. It has made an enjoyable BHP much more enjoyable. Maybe if you are looking to improve your BHP get both if it is due for springs or you have the stock springs?

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