Available for Immediate Shipping – Arcus 98 DAC Masters Grips Smooth P101


Arcus 98 DAC Masters Grips Available for immediate shipping. Actual grips are shown on the pictures!

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You’ve probably heard it said: “There’s nothing like a wood and steel gun.”
“And there is absolutely nothing like a steel Hi Power or 1911 with BHSpringSolutions LLC Wood MASTERS GRIPS.”
No other Custom Hi Power or 1911 grips have mastered all of the following, like BHSpringSolutions LLC Masters Grips:
Tactically-Superior Function 
Presentation-Grade Beauty
Made with Premium Select Walnut
All BHSpringSolutions LLC MASTERS GRIPS for the Hi Power design, and 1911 Masters Carry Grips, are contoured to position the thumb to point parallel with the barrel – further enhancing the already natural pointing characteristics of the Hi Power – shooters quickly learn that if they’ve pointed the thumb, they’ve pointed the gun. This grip contour enables fast and accurate holster acquisition and maximizes handling, comfort, and control of the weapon. These are not another pair of checkered walnut “pretty” slab grips. When BHSpringSolutions LLC conducted its non-stop 200 round recoil spring endurance testing, these wood Master’s Grips were on the test gun – and the weapon remained completely controllable and exceptionally comfortable.
BHSpringSolutions LLC Masters Grips are designed to be tactically superior in all conditions.
BHSpringSolutions LLC Master’s Grips are made from Walnut selected for its beauty and density resulting in Presentation Grade grips that are as stunning in appearance as they are functional.
When finished, BHSpringSolutions LLC Masters Grip retain the natural beauty of the walnut and all the feel and interaction of – WOOD! The reason this is important? When wood is “being wood”, it boasts a quality of warmth and security in the human hand. The qualities of fine wood create an interaction that is unique, desirable, secure, and cannot be duplicated with any man-made material. Master’s Grips are finished with an exclusive 3-Stage Clear Shellac Finishing Process that give our grips a familiar Hi-Powerish combination of characteristics – elegance, that could also go to war and back.
A pair of new Hex Head Grip Screws, in your choice of black or silver, are included FREE with your new BHSpringSolutions LLC Master’s Grips.

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