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Bring your Hi-Power to another level

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SFS System Installation

The first and only system in the world for Condition 1 - Hammer down carry

Springs and Reliability Optimization Services

Reliability without compromise!

BH Refinishing services

Find the best finishes for your Brand New or Surpluss Gun

Night-Sights Installation

The PERFECT night solution for your gun - Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Singhts !

The BH-Service Department installs components and modifications found available at BHSpringSolutions.com and Manufactuers’ OEM Replacement Parts & Components. The BH-Service Department does not install, as a part of any service package, any parts or components the firearms’ owner acquired from any other vendor than BHSpringSolutions.com or the Handgun Manufacturers’ OEM Parts Deptartment.