HiPower SFS + BHSS Ultimate Optimizing Spring System + BHSS SFS Optimizing Spring System


A special kit containing:

1. Safety Fast Shooting (SFS) system 

2. BHSpringSolutions LLC. Ultimate Spring kit

3. BHSpringsSolutions LLC SFS spring kit

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A special kit containing:

1. Safety Fast Shooting (SFS) system 

2. BHSpringSolutions LLC. Ultimate Spring kit

3. BHSpringsSolutions LLC SFS spring kit

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BHSpringSolutions Optimizing Hi Power Springs Benefits:

(Top 14 Benefits Reported By Our Customers)

⦁ Many customers and gunsmiths have reported 2 – 2 ½ lb Trigger Break Reduction readings when fully installing BHSpringSolutions LLC Optimizing Hi Power Springs.

⦁ Better Extraction, More Reliable Function

⦁ Smoother Trigger Pull Take-up, even with Magazine Disconnect remaining installed

⦁ Two Trigger Return Springs in every BHSpringSolutions LLC Hi Power Spring Kit gives me choice of “Tactical” or “Target” Trigger Return Springs. More authoritative Trigger Reset.

⦁ Less influence of the Magazine Disconnect.

⦁ Less negative influence on trigger because of the Optimized Sear Lever Spring on Drop Safety (Mark III) Hi Powers

⦁ More Controlled Recoil

⦁ “My shooting performance is better and my confidence with my Hi Power has never been higher.

⦁ Better Accuracy

⦁ More Reliable Magazine Lock-up

⦁ Better/More Reliable Manual Safety Function

⦁ “Love the Principle of Slide Velocity Synchronization……I have an all-around superior functioning Hi Power and I can quickly adapt to any ammunition from Light Reloads to +P.

⦁ “When removed, the old springs in my Hi Power were obviously in bad shape compared to the springs from BHSpringSolutions LLC. I was experiencing Failures-to-Eject, Failures-to-Feed, and Failures-to-Fire. All function problems seem to have resolved.”

⦁ BHSpringSolutions Optimized SFS Springs made the unique SFS Hammer and Safety Functions more crisp/decisive.

The 19 Benefits of the SFS (Safety Fast Shooting) System:

⦁ SFS System allows the Hi Power to be carried Condition 1, but in a Hammer Forward state. When the Manual Safety (termed the “Cocking Lever” with the SFS system) is swiped off, the hammer simultaneously springs to the cocked/ready to fire position by work of a Spring.

⦁ Because of the almost flat hammer profile and hammer-forward “carry” position of the hammer, the Hi Power can be carried Condition 1 and eliminate common “snagging” in clothing of a cocked Hi Power hammer. 

⦁ Most comfortable hammer for Carry (doesn’t dig into your side-fat when carried IWB on the hip) Makes the Hi Power feel more like a Striker-Fired Concealed Carry handgun, except better because of the Hi Powers thin profile. 

⦁ Best Solution for More Sure and Fast One Handed Deployment of the Hi Power. 

⦁ Enables “Hammer Forward Carry”, (like a DA/SA handgun), with the superior benefit of every shot being the same Single Action Trigger Pull.

⦁ Adds an Extended Slide Stop/Slide Release…Making all the Hi Powers Controls easily within reach of the thumb of the shooting hand, without releasing or adjusting grip on the Hi Power. 

⦁ Adds Ambidextrous Safety to older Hi Powers with one-sided safety.

⦁ Better / Lighter Trigger Pull – Many SFS users have reported a Trigger Break Reduction of ½ - 1 ¼ lbs after installing SFS. This is attributable to two things. The SFS Main Spring is 30 lb, and dimensionally shorter than the FN/Browning OEM 32 lb Main Spring. Less pressure on the Sear/Hammer Tooth Relationship will typically create a reduction in trigger pull weight. 

⦁ Cleaner/Crisper Trigger Break – The SFS System is a group of parts and springs that replace certain parts of the Traditional Operating System. Two parts replaced are the Sear and Hammer. Typical feedback from gunsmiths: “The SFS Hammer and Sear are extremely well made, and typically superior to the FN/Browning OEM Sear/Hammer. It is not uncommon for a non-modified Browning trigger pull to go like this: “Take up…….wall……you think you’re at the “break” of the trigger……then you pull a little more into a “zone” that allows the trigger to pull a little more and yet still the trigger doesn’t break… with more pressure……..FINALLY!........the hammer falls!” The SFS Sear/Hammer set typically eliminates THAT! (Note: All results do vary slightly) 

⦁ Adds a “Drop Safety” to the Hi Power (that doesn’t degrade trigger pull!) When in the “On Safe” position, both Slide and Hammer are locked. 

⦁ Persons who miss-out on the benefits of Hi Power Carry because they don’t like “Cocked and Locked” Carry,for any reason, can usually embrace Condition 1 SFS Hammer Forward Carry.

⦁ “SFS Critics” who mention that the SFS System “adds a spring”. Fact-Check: The SFS System Replaces Three Springs in a Hi Power: Hammer (Main) Spring, Safety Lever Spring, the flat metal Sear Spring, and adds a new “Return Spring” that is the cause of the Hammer’s Cocking Action when the Safety is swiped off. The Springs associated with the SFS system are more resilient and reliable than the Hi Power’s Extractor Spring. And, like every other function of the Hi Power, the function of the SFS System is dependent on the health of the springs involved with it’s action. BHSpringSolutions LLC manufactures Optimized SFS Main Spring, Cocking Lever Spring, and Return Spring. In the opinion of BHSpringSolutions LLC, the design of SFS springs is appropriate for the jobs these springs perform and none of these springs could be considered “over-worked” because of the job performed. 

⦁ Seeing the Hammer Forward provides visual confirmation that the Hi Power is “on safe”. Eliminates all “THAT HAMMER IS COCKED!” concerns. 

⦁ Transition to SFS is seamless for Cocked and Locked carriers of the Hi Power. 

⦁ Safe Condition 1 Carry, easily embraced by Hi Power owners currently using a “Condition 2 or Condition 3 Carry. (Also safer because of the “no-snag” hammer.)

⦁ MAY buy you a few extra seconds to access your Back-Up Weapon if an attempted Gun Grab is successful and your Hi Power ends up in a bad-guys hand. The SFS System is different and may cause momentary confusion for an attacker who gains control or your Hi Power. In the SFS Carry Condition 1, the Hammer is Locked and cannot be manually cocked. The Slide is Locked and cannot be racked. When the Safety is disengaged, it causes the hammer to spring rearward – again, different, and may cause momentary confusion for an attacker in a Gun Grab. At a minimum, in a “Gun Grab” situation, your Hi Power might be more difficult for an attacker to deploy than any “non-manual-safety” semi-auto pistol. SFS has Tactical Safety Advantages over ANY other operating system on any handgun. 

⦁ Fastest Hi Power Field Strip procedure. User no longer needs to lock back the slide, to remove the Slide Stop/Slide Release. Simply push out Slide Stop wh while applying slight upward pressure on the Slide Stop. 

⦁ If shooter tends to “ride the manual safety” with shooting thumb during shooting, nothing changes. But, since the SFS Manual Safety cannot be “cammed up” with the thumb (only by manually pushing forward the hammer), SFS eliminates the chance of the thumb riding up under the safety and inadvertently engaging the safety. 

⦁ Ambidextrous Magazine Catch (can be added at time of SFS purchase from for only $10).


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HiPower SFS + BHSS Ultimate Optimizing Spring System + BHSS SFS Optimizing Spring System

HiPower SFS + BHSS Ultimate Optimizing Spring System + BHSS SFS Optimizing Spring System

A special kit containing:

1. Safety Fast Shooting (SFS) system 

2. BHSpringSolutions LLC. Ultimate Spring kit

3. BHSpringsSolutions LLC SFS spring kit

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