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BHSpringSolutions Masterpiece Coffee Cup

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BHSpringSolutions Masterpiece Coffee Cup 11 oz.

Perfect gift for the ones you care about and you know are Mr. Browning's creations fans.

On the Cup you'll find printed:

BHSpringSolutions guide to the optimal barrel lenght for the most spread self-defence calibers

Pictures of:

John Moses Browning - THE MAN!!!

Dieudonné Saive - the man who finished the Browning Hi-Power design

Leon Hubert - the man who invented the Safety Fast Shooting systems for Hi-Power and 1911.

Drawings of the following guns:


Browning Hi-Power

Baby Browning

Browning 1910

What makes this coffee cup truly unique is the fact that these drawings were made by the wife of one of the BHSpringSolutions Co-Founders.


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Masterpiece Coffee Cup

Masterpiece Coffee Cup

BHSpringSolutions Masterpiece Coffee Cup

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