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11"x14" Matted Masterpiece

“Drop-In” Your Favorite Frame

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The Firearms pictured (Masterpieces) are High Resolution Print of a Fine Art Watercolor Painting

by Plamena Markova for BHSpringSolutions LLC, requiring painstaking detail and an estimated 250 Hours to complete.

The High Resolution Scan / Print retains maximum detail of the original watercolor painting.

The “Masterpieces” are painted actual size and are so convincing that you may

find yourself momentarily believing you can take one of them into your hand.


The Masterpieces and The Inventors

The Master’s “Masterpieces”, painted in this Masterpiece, are

John Browning’s 1910 and 1911 models, the Hi-Power, and the “Baby” Browning.

Pictured with John Browning, are Dieudonne Saive, credited with significant design work in the completion

of the Hi-Power design and inventing the “Baby Browning” by re-working Browning’s 1905 Vest Pocket.

Also pictured is Leon Hubert (FN/RDIH) for his continuation of design work and inventions that further

advanced the available operating systems of the Hi-Power and 1911 and modernized their tactical capabilities.


BHSS “Guide to Optimal Minimum Barrel Length (by Caliber)”

BHSpringSolutions LLC “Guide to Optimal Minimum Barrel Length (by Caliber)” adds a functional benefit.

Many modern efforts at handgun design have focused on shorter barrels for bigger calibers.

Symptoms of too little barrel for too much caliber (barrel/caliber mismatch) include:

Degraded reliability, poor recoil control, uncomfortable/difficult to shoot, recoil springs or parts that

have an abnormally short life expectancy, degraded accuracy,and poor ballistic performance of ammunition.

John Browning invented four of the six handgun calibers in the BHSS “Guide to Optimal Minimum Barrel Length”.

And Browning invented them for specific firearms that he also invented.

History has continuously proven that Mr. Browning’s genius was nearly infallible…..

….and influenced the BHSpringSolutions LLC Guide to Optimal Minimum Barrel Length (by Caliber).


“Drop-In” - - - READY TO FRAME

Masterpieces & The Inventors arrives matted in your choice of matte color, ready to “drop-in” to your choice of  frame.  Very suitable for placement in the finest decorated home or on the wall of the local gun shop – it is classy statement in your “gun room” or “hobby room”.  An incredible gift that will be treasured by any gun enthusiast.

Your Choice of Matte Color: Black, Gray, Orange


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Masterpieces & The Inventors

Masterpieces & The Inventors

11"x14" Matted Masterpiece

“Drop-In” Your Favorite Frame

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